University of Akron Professor Coddles Stupid Feminists

University of Akron Professor Coddles Stupid Feminists

Holy Mother of Stormy Daniels! Any woman who would accept a higher grade based on gender should consider herself a feminist academic prostitute.

That may sound harsh for some. But feminists want equality, and keeping it real is how real men roll.

Frankly, the feminist movement’s reliance on gender is so last century. By now, the hags should have learned to encourage women to work hard and earn equality based on results. Yes, #YouToo!

However, the #MeToo frauds and sellouts encourage women to succumb to their nature, and become damsels in distress when it suits their needs.

If they need any indication of their bleak future for the current trajectory of their movement, they need look no further than the outcome for blacks.

The social justice movement of the race pimps imprisoned blacks decades ago. Instead of the old adage taught by black OGs (original gangsters) that blacks should “work twice as hard as whites,” the existing ethos of the crop of race pimps challenge blacks to coast. They then enlist Big Government to crack the skulls of the so-called white privileged. After decades of these tactics, blacks who bought into such absurdity now resemble tantrum-throwing toddlers than socialized adults.

And feminists drive headlong into the same oblivion.

Sadly, there are many female students, products of the feminist movement who would gladly prostitute their movement for leg up–pun intended–than their more deserving male counterparts. Why not take the easy way out, when you can temporarily get just as far as men with the crutch of female plumbing?

As Fox News reports, one professor at the University of Akron offers the perfect feminist solution.

University of Akron officials this week blocked a professor from carrying out his plan to raise female students’ grades as part of what he called a “national movement to encourage female students to go to information sciences.”

According to school officials, Liping Liu, an information systems analysis and design teacher who has worked at the university since 2001, said in an email to students:

“FYI, your grade has been sent to the university registrar. The following categories of students may see their grades raised one level or two: Female students (it is a national movement to encourage female students to go to information sciences).”

Liu added that there might be other beneficiaries: “Students who had earned scores in exams (especially final exams) demonstrating a higher performance than their calculated ones; Students who attended class but missed reporting attendance (as long as I can tell).”

Thankfully, even the progressives at the university saw this as a bridge too far.

Would you let your daughter or other so-called underprivileged student participate be the beneficiary of special treatment like this?

What does this cost in the long run? Lots.

Anybody think this professor will be there to pick up the pieces when these women fail later in life? And so many do. We don’t hear the stories, because Leftists tend to not study their failures.

Next, how will lecherous professors use sex as a bargaining chip for better grades from some of the more desirable coeds? These old pedophiles may be forced to hire call girls again. Apparently, Liu didn’t think that one through.




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