White GOP Establishment Move Over: It’s time for Black Power

White GOP Establishment Move Over: It’s time for Black Power

I was reading an article by anti-Trumper Jonah Goldberg, and his article referenced an article by Ben Shapiro.

Goldberg spoke of the “Generation Gap” of the Republican Party. In the article, Goldberg writes:

Shapiro argues persuasively that young conservatives care about character and values, while older ones have largely abandoned such concerns, preferring solid policy victories and perceived wins in the war on political correctness.

Talk about throwing the “old school” Conservatives to the wolves. But he, an original #NeverTrumper remains correct in his wrongness.

Although Goldberg admits that he may have got some things wrong:

That said, I already feel comfortable admitting that, beyond my electoral prognosticating, I got some things wrong about what a Trump presidency will look like. Though many on the left and in the media see his cabinet appointments and policy proposals as cause for existential panic, as a conservative I find most — but by no means all — of them reassuring.

I firmly and passionately believe that character is destiny.

I argued frequently that Trump’s conservatism was more marketing ploy than deeply held conviction. But his appointments at the departments of Education, Health and Human Services, and Labor and at the Environmental Protection Agency and elsewhere suggest a level of commitment to paring back the administrative state that heartens and surprises me.

I am also surprised by the benefits of having a political novice take over the executive branch. From his phone call with Taiwan to his ad hoc bargaining with defense contractors, there is more of an upside to Trump the Disrupter than I had anticipated.

That’s about as close a mea culpa anybody can expect from a member of the bourgeois intelligentsia.

So we mere political mortals win, right? Not quite. 

Goldberg by way of Shapiro argues that we Trump supporters have abandoned our values for “perceived wins”. We abandoned our true conservatism all to fight political correctness.

Allow me to expose the “White Elephant” in the room. More incestuous thinking from two prominent #NeverTrump, white Republicans who believe they have the finger on the pulse of politics.

They don’t.

Aside from the ass-kicking Donald Trump gave to the establishment, which includes people like Goldberg and Shapiro, the Republican establishment has no grain in the silo. Yes, it is they who are dumb.

So what they use big words. Those are distractions, and meant to appease their frail egos.

Look at Bill Kristol.

At one point years ago, Kristol was a respected journalist. Today, he’s as respected as potato chip crumbs–discarded just as easily.

As a student of logic–my degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Math, and Ph.D. in Observation–I have studied the freak show known as the Republican establishment. And how anybody could put one’s faith in this group of unaccomplished losers is beyond me.

They continue to allow the Party of Lynching to steal the banner of freedom. Believe it or not most Americans believe President Lincoln was a Democrats, thus Democrats freed the slaves. They further believe that Republicans took away the civil rights of blacks.

Ask one of the establishment Republicans about this misrepresentation today and how to fight the lies, and they look like a dog trying to solve a quadratic equation.

But Goldberg by way of Shapiro says the problem with Republicans the “generation gap” based on “character and values”.

Goldberg explains the gap:

What explains the opposing visions? Part of it, Shapiro writes, is the usual tendency of young people to gravitate toward libertarianism and idealism.

Statement of the obvious.

Most young people don’t have enough life experience to be jaded away from libertarianism and idealism. So what Goldberg explains is for decades Republicans have missed the obvious. Perhaps a better way of explaining this is Democrats have catered to the emotions of youth, and Republicans have not.

Nevertheless, Democrats have no monopoly on these concepts. I can easily defend the idea that pure unadulterated Republicanism practiced correctly supports libertarianism and idealism.

Goldberg by way of Shapiro merely highlights what I proposed initially: Republicans suck at marketing. However, Goldberg offers another excuse:

But there’s another reason: Young people understand that some of the things old people see as “political correctness” aren’t necessarily the product of a Marxist virus that somehow escaped a laboratory at Berkeley. Some of it reflects an attempt to craft decent manners in the increasingly diverse and egalitarian society that young people actually live in.

It may be time to play some Buffalo Springfield, because there is something happening here. As pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson notes, also in the Standard, the GOP has a grave problem with younger voters in part because it is almost wholly dependent on white voters, and white Americans represent an ever-shrinking slice of the youth vote, which will only become more important as the baby boomers throw off this mortal coil.

If the GOP has any hope of winning over non-conservative younger voters, it will be because young conservatives continue to break with their traditional role as dutiful soldiers for their movement’s elders.

I chuckled reading that.

Republicans rely on the white vote, blah blah blah. That might as well had been written by Nancy Pelosi.

But Goldberg’s by way of Shapiro’s advice on winning over “non-conservative younger voters” really got me.

Are these “non-conservative younger ‘white’ voters” he seeks? Because that would certainly poke a few holes in his argument?

Regardless of what racial makeup of these “non-conservative voters” Goldberg by way of Shapiro seeks, he cautions that they will need to stop listening to their elders in order for Conservatives to grow the movement.

Goldberg by way of Shapiro wants you to believe that in order for Conservatives to attract the “hook-up” Tindr generation, we old school Conservatives must find our character?

Holy Mother of Stormy Daniels, consider that Republicans like Goldberg have given us our candidates for decades. Some other traditional Republicans passed the torch to Goldberg and Shapiro. I didn’t get the memo.

There is no doubt that Goldberg and Shapiro are amazing thinkers, intellectuals for sure. Nevertheless, if I were a slave, I certainly wouldn’t count on them for my freedom!

I had one prominent establishment Republican tell me that he had invested 20+ years in the Republican Party. He read me his resume of accomplishments, all merely advancement within the party, like he had led 5 successful Navy SEAL missions.

I told him,

“Thanks for sharing [his resume], but I’m not hiring.”

That pissed him off. So he asked me

“Who do you think you are? You show up out of nowhere and think you can go around those of us who have invested decades!”

I replied,

“If you were any good at what you do, I wouldn’t be needed.”.

I say to Goldberg and others in the #NeverTrump camp,

“If you were any good at what you do, Trump wouldn’t be needed.”.

President Trump confounded the “experts”, because they weren’t experts at all.

For decades the Conservative intelligentsia have ruled over the Republican Party, and the results are clear: Republicans have weakened over the decades.

Thankfully Donald Trump the businessman began a revolution. Now Donald Trump the president continues it.

But for a successful revolution, the white GOP establishment will need to move over. Next, they need to let the black folks take the reins for a bit. We know how to sell the Republican Party and Conservatism. I can’t say that for Goldberg or Shapiro.

The holier-than-thou crowd of Conservatives have no clue how to win non-conservative young voters of any ilk. They smugly speak of character and virtue in their veiled attempts to denigrate Donald Trump.

Admittedly, I chuckled at Trump when he said, “Two Corinthians” while speaking at Liberty University. But I sensed God in this flawed man.

Goldberg by way of Shapiro ignores Trump’s real character. Because Trump doesn’t fit the description of what Conservative intelligentsia consider “presidential”.

Trump doesn’t speak as eloquently as Mitt Romney, and give “political-speak”. No, Trump’s character flaw is he just accomplishes what he says he will accomplish.

But Goldberg by way of Shapiro disregards results. Ignoring good results allows them to rationalize losing. As for us old school Conservatives, we sold out on character in order to get results, right?

Using Shapiro logic, why choose Trump, when we could have easily selected an establishment Republican who abandoned his campaign promises?! That’s the establishment Republican way. Correction: the idiotic and ineffectual Republican way.

Fact: Trump voters are brilliant. And God bless the “early adopters” of Donald Trump. Talk about making establishment Republicans look as irrelevant as they are.

The Republican Party needs Donald Trump. But what it needs more than Trump are people who don’t think like establishment Republicans whose ideas are older than Methuselah.

As one of the old school Republicans with eroded character who supported Donald Trump, I differ with Goldberg by way of Shapiro. For I contend the Republicans’ problem has more to do with the party’s inability or want to actually challenge Democrats and other Leftists on issues. They don’t challenge Democrats, because they offer only restatement of problems.

So move over establishment Republicans. Black Republicans know how to take the baton and run through the tape for the win.





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