China Implemented a Social Credit System

China Implemented a Social Credit System

When will America get a social credit system? This certainly sounds like an idea that Leftists would embrace.

Reuters explains social credit as China sees it.

China said it will begin applying its so-called social credit system to flights and trains and stop people who have committed misdeeds from taking such transport for up to a year.

People who would be put on the restricted lists included those found to have committed acts like spreading false information about terrorism and causing trouble on flights, as well as those who used expired tickets or smoked on trains, according to two statements issued on the National Development and Reform Commission’s website on Friday.

Those found to have committed financial wrongdoings, such as employers who failed to pay social insurance or people who have failed to pay fines, would also face these restrictions, said the statements which were dated March 2.

It added that the rules would come into effect on May 1.

Holy Mother of Madoff, how would America’s Left handle this?

Practically everybody at CNN would have no social credit. And what of the Obama administration? They would be reduced to walking everywhere, given that those with no social credit would be banned from planes and trains.

What China appears to be doing is regulating bad behavior. That certainly doesn’t bode well for some people I know.

For example, what’s the penalty for putting your electric in your child’s name? Or what about the penalty for causing a scene at the movie theater?

Lord knows that many black Leftist would be on complete lockdown. I know half my family would be. But oh how popular the black conservatives would be as we were asked to co-sign for some social credit.

No, I’ll pass.

The article continues,

The move is in line with President’s Xi Jinping’s plan to construct a social credit system based on the principle of “once untrustworthy, always restricted”, said one of the notices which was signed by eight ministries, including the country’s aviation regulator and the Supreme People’s Court.

You can bet if America implemented this system, Democrats would create a way around it.

I’m guessing those who possessed no political clout would be offered “social credit insurance”…paid for by the taxpayers of course.

And know that Leftists bad ass kids would be out of social credit before the age of 17. You’d see these jerks in court pleading “affluenza” or some other nonsense for their bad behavior.

Worse, in America our social credit system would be flipped. So people doing good things, behaving themselves would be ostracized, thus relegated to no travel, etc. Meanwhile, thugs and other naer-do-wells would have free reign.

Don’t dismiss my idea. Remember that in California they pay thug kids NOT to misbehave, while kids doing well get nothing.

And what of the incentive trips for thugs kids to stay out of trouble, while there is no reward for kids who are never in trouble.

Better let a fully Communist country deal with social credit. Our Leftists would find a way to screw the good guys for sure.


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