CNN Crying about President Trump Bashing Them

CNN Crying about President Trump Bashing Them

Want to see what winning looks like?

Then watch this exchange on CNN, where the Left whine about how President Trump has the unprecedented gall to criticize the lying “fake news” media.

Partial transcript:

GREGORY: “It’s so unoriginal, too. There’s no president or political figure who likes the media. So he’s trying to outdo Nixon —“

BLITZER: “It’s one thing not to like the media. We’ve all worked in this news business for a long time. Everybody is always criticizing us, and not happy with our coverage, whether it was President Clinton or President Bush or — they all criticized. But it’s another thing to say it’s not North Korea, it’s not Iran, it’s not Russia, it’s not China, it’s journalists, like us, who are the enemy of the American people.”

GREGORY: “One of the things that bothers me the most about the President is I don’t take what he says seriously. He’s just so casual about throwing out language. You really undermine the presidency when you do that, because there will be a time after Donald Trump, believe it or not, and he is doing damage to this notion of do we believe what the president says? We live in an environment where social media principally allows so much hyperbole, and now the President engages in it and it becomes kind of a bloodstream of our public discourse where you could say something that over the top and it would be the President of the United States who says it. And I don’t take it seriously, which is a problem, too, because he’s not really being serious when he says it.”

So Gregory tries to sell the idea that President Trump is not believable.

He opines that Trump himself doesn’t believe it, but merely relies on the social media frenzy to further his “hyperbole.”

But Gregory gets a rude awakening from both the other guest, and Blitzer.

The transcript continues,

UNKNOWN: “A lot of people do take it seriously, and it’s having an impact.”

BLITZER: “A lot of his supporters believe that we are the enemy of the American people, and that is really an awful situation. We are not the enemy of the American people. We love the American people.”

The American people do believe President Trump, and it’s because he’s right.

The media is as corrupt as James Comey’s FBI, perhaps worse; if that’s even possible. And Trump exposed them.

Look at the number of stories the media gets wrong in a week these days. I remember when media retractions happened once a month, at best. The media prided itself on at least getting the facts straight. Not any more.

We documented the retraction that should have shut down the fake news Russian collusion investigation:

A cyber security firm with credibility issues first alleged that Russian hacking cost Hillary the election.

When the DNC got hacked last year, they hired cybersecurity “expert” Crowd Strike to investigate.

In June 2016, the firm alleged that the Russian government hacked the DNC. To deflect attention away from liberal corruption, Democrats seem ready to pay for whatever evidence they need their “experts” to find.

Through this narrative, the Left attempted to delegitimize the election and transition. Further, their efforts continue with the presidency of Donald Trump.

In a report in January, Obama-era leaders from the FBI, CIA, NSA, and 12 other intelligence agencies relied on Crowd Strike’s investigation to conclude that Russians hacked the U.S. elections. Moreover, they insinuated that Russian President Vladimir Putin himself tipped the scales in favor of then-candidate Donald Trump.

Crowd Strike’s investigation is the only known forensic evidence linking the Kremlin to the cyber attacks. To date, the DNC won’t allow the FBI to independently examine its servers.

And when the media aren’t misstating facts, they are crafting fake news narratives. Sadly, they now almost openly do so in conjunction with the Democrats.

Wikileaks proved that the New York Times worked directly with the Clinton campaign:

In the latest WikiLeaks, you will see that NY Times’ Scott Shane actually worked with Hillary Clinton’s team on news.

In this particular leak, note how Shane provides in advance what the NYT will print. The list is a rundown, and allowed the Clinton state department to get a heads up on news.

This is the media industrial complex set up by the Clintons. And reporters and Leftist news outlets were all too happy to help, because they are inherently lazy. The saying, “You scratch our back…” applied.

The very idea that CNN doesn’t recognize what it has become is laughable. Further it speaks to why their ratings continue in freefall.

Now the news they cover is about their network being declared “fake news”. That’s what winning looks like.


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