Through Trump God Exposes the Leftist Frauds

Through Trump God Exposes the Leftist Frauds

Despite what many think, I have no ideological bent.

I’m a flawed Christian, but that’s the only bucket in which I would ever put myself. Trust me, there are millions just like me in that bucket, whether they admit it or not.

As for Liberal or Conservative, Left or Right, Democrat or Republican, I believe most of these terms are completely misunderstood and wholly unnecessary. I describe my ideological stance as one of a pragmatist; a truth-seeker.

Most people fear the truth. But nobody fears the truth more than a self-proclaimed Progressive. Progressives have no truths. Truth for them is fleeting and relative. Thus, they skew the truth as a survival mechanism.

When Progressives’ truths are exposed as lies, they don’t admit it. Instead they attack the messenger, in hopes of intimidating them to accept the new “relative” truth. Put another way, Progressives attempt to beat their messages, their lies into their opponents.

An example of this thinking comes with the undying support of Barack Obama by Progressives.

By almost any standard, Obama failed as president. Yet Progressives’ investment in Obama is so deep they dare not admit fault. Obama represented the pinnacle of progressivism. To diminished him in any way forces progressives to own their stupidity.

As I tweeted recently,

“If you voted for Obama–worst president EVER–then had to watch President Trump work his magic with ease, I don’t blame you for fighting to try to prove your sanity!”

I must admit, much fun can be had when comparing President Trump to President Obama.

Admittedly, I enjoy embarrassing Progressives when making these comparison. Their only recourse is to simply say, “I hate Trump!”.

Believe it or not, their disdain for Trump is a lot less personal than their hateful utterances suggest. Their disdain comes from a place of pain—the pain of questioning their own sanity.

“How could ordinary Americans get it so right in electing ‘that idiot’ when we thought we elected the best president ever?”, they consider in their private thoughts.

And their “win at all cost” attitudes cause them to reach for any lifeline. Actually, overreach is a better description. Take the Russian collusion joke.

When the “Russian collusion” narrative finally ends, the world will learn that Obama worked in conjunction with the Clinton campaign as he attempted to keep Donald Trump from ever becoming president. When Obama declared that very conclusion on a late-night comedy show, Obama knew the fix was in. In fact, he put the fix in.

At the U.S.-ASEAN Leaders Summit Obama reiterated his belief that Trump would never be president.

Like Obama dramatically missed the mark on this, he did so on his presidency. And soon Progressives, those all-in on Obama will be forced to face the biggest political dilemma in their lifetimes.

I said of Obama’s plot against Trump,

“The fight to convict Trump on ‘Russian collusion’ is a fight for the Left to vindicate their sick, twisted ideology that elected Obama–the worst president in American history.”

Such is the quandary Progressives will soon face. The realization that Obama indeed weaponized the Fed to destroy Donald Trump, ergo the votes of 63 million people.

Thus, when the Russian collusion narrative is destroyed, so will be Obama, the Democrats, the reputation of the FBI, the NSA, the FISA court, and much more.

Ideologically speaking, most so-called Conservatives I know would revolt against Republicans, if the shoe were on the other foot. We would be outraged at our government for this attempted coup, even if it meant electing Hillary Clinton.

Back to ideology.

There are people who seek truth, even when it hurts them. But there are those so tied to their ideological dogma, they prefer to scuttle the ship. Such are the Democrats, aka Progressives.

The Democrats know enough about their party and what the Obama administration has done to make the “truth” decision. A few have done so, and they represent enough to give Republicans a victory in 2018 and again in 2020.

Sadly for Democrats, the destruction of the Progressive movement will continue through 2022 and 2024. That will end the Trump Era.

Luckily for America and the Republicans, the country will live on muscle memory for at least 2-4 more election cycles. But for the sake of America, we need this truth revolution to continue long after 2024. What an opportunity to rub our ideology of truth in the faces of the Progressives.

Trust me, even after Obama and minions within his administration, the Clintons, the Podestas, the Russians, and others are exposed in their cabal, many Progressives will remain loyal to the lie. For these ideologues we must force them to admit their evil ways. For this, there is but one way: shock and awe.

We must never let up on them.

We must discuss the revelations that are coming, and remind them of their constant denials. Then we must go back in the past, and show them how they rewrote history. Nothing is off limits, including slavery and the lack of civil rights by Democrats. All topics will be fair game, and we should plan to hammer our points home.

The Trump Era is God’s gift. He showed us the way, by giving us a flawed champion. This is our opportunity to embrace our new champion which moves the country back to God.


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