Feminism and Leftism KILLED Women’s Sports

Feminism and Leftism KILLED Women’s Sports

The trans-sexual men are coming for the women. Because they certainly can’t come for men.

When a trans-sexual woman becomes a man, men have absolutely nothing to fear. These “men” won’t beat us at sports. And any contributions they make as “men” will be duly noted. 

But when trans-sexual men become “women”, all bets are off. Take Caitlyn for example. “Bruce” could still beat most women in the decathlon, and he’s damn near 60-years old.

In the latest showcase of the prowess of “men”, this trans-sexual male-to-woman crushes the girls at the track meet.

Check out the look on the faces of the girls who lost, as they look at the “winner”.

Not to get racial, but “dude” is black to begin with. Already the white girls were at a disadvantage. But a black male-to-female? Negro, PLEASE! These chicks had no shot.

The feminist movement as well as Leftism in general will kill women’s sports. Re-read that sentence, because that’s the irony of Leftism.

Leftist meddling in social engineering will ultimately eradicate feminist.

I must admit, I LOVE the irony of a man-turned-woman (not even a possibility) crushing feminism. And because of Leftism, women must take it. It almost makes me want to become a trans-sexual woman, so I could rub feminists’ faces in my new penis-tucked crotch.

That’s right, to be a trans-sexual male-to-woman, I don’t even need to cut off my naughty bits, and can simply declare that I “want” to be a woman. Thank you, Rachel Dolezal.

And not a single sport is safe. Even the butch women in the WNBA are at risk. Golf, soon it will be back to Gentlemen-Only-Ladies-Forbidden. Wait until some 350-yard driving trans-sexual male hits the LPGA!

Back to the Track Star

As The Blaze reported:

Connecticut sprinter Terry Miller competed on the boys team during the winter indoor track season, the CT Post reported.

But in the CIAC State Open track and field championships last week, the transgender sophomore from Bulkeley High School in Hartford competed as a girl, the paper said — and absolutely crushed the competition.

Miller won the 100-meter dash in 11.72 seconds and took the 200-meter dash in 24.17 seconds — both meet record times, the CT Post reported.

Meet records! You GO, Dude GIRL!

But there is more to this story, as guess who finished second?

Also of note is that Andraya Yearwood of Cromwell High School — another transgender sprinter who won the girls’ 100- and 200-meter dashes at the Connecticut state track meet last year — came in second behind Miller in this year’s girls’ 100, GameTimeCT reported.

And there is nothing they can do about this.

The article explains why?

“A lot of people have asked, ‘Can you run a separate race, can you put an asterisk next to their name, do something that shows there is a standard that is different from that?’” CIAC executive director Karissa Niehoff noted to the CT Post. “When you get into that playing out, you have got civil rights issues.”

Niehoff added to the paper: “Then within the same gender, you are taking one population of the gender, and you’re separating them and creating another class. That’s what Title IX speaks to. That’s what Office of Civil Rights guidelines speak to. You cannot discriminate based on gender. And in our case in Connecticut, gender is gender identity.”

Holy Mother of Elizabeth Warren!

There is nothing anybody can do about the war that women brought on themselves.




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