Guiliani: Members of Mueller’s Team were “crying like babies”

Rudy Giuliani knows how to bait the media. And he did so recently on Fox News’, The Ingraham Angle.

While interviewing with Laura Ingraham, Rudy explained that if Mueller is issuing 150 subpoenas at this late stage as was reported earlier today then he’s got nothing!

“Where’s the collusion? Where’s the obstruction? Except in their head! Everyone know this. They have no case because Donald Trump did nothing wrong.”

Rudy then went on to discuss rip the Mueller squad of angry Democrats.

Partial Transcript:

“For the two years up to the election I didn’t talk to any Russians. I don’t know any Russians. And I don’t drink vodka with them. So what the hell are they talking about? What they’re talking about is they’re bitter over losing this election. And some of the people right in Mueller’s office were the ones crying, crying like babies the night that Hillary lost.”

That’s right, crying like babies.

What pro-America, Trump-supporting patriot will ever forget the evening of November 8, 2106?!

The devastation on the faces of the most crooked scoundrels on the planet is as the Visa commercials advertise: priceless!

I know how bad I felt when Obama won, particularly in 2012 when we all knew better than to re-elect that clown. But I didn’t cry. Nor do I know anybody who did. But regardless of what our reaction was, it wouldn’t come close to that of the Democrats on November 8, 2016.

Recall that Hillary Clinton was so ill she couldn’t even come to the podium to concede.

How magnanimous of Podesta to not concede the obvious.

He went on to say to the crowd of hopefuls:

So listen, listen to me.

Everybody should head home. Get some sleep. We will have more to say tomorrow.

After all the cheating and conniving the Democrats did to win the election, Trump prevailed and by a large amount. And the fallout was brutal for those who predicted victory:

The problem with Democrats is they got too used to winning, in spite of their crazy ideology. And when the correction came, they weren’t prepared.

For those of you who wonder about the snowflake generation of college students, November 8, 2106 showed you their parents. These people went nuts when they learned that America elected Donald Trump as POTUS.

And even as Trump has dazzled the world, Leftists continue to fight tooth and nail.

So what their brokerage accounts are hemorrhaging wealth, and their kids have left the basement for real jobs. They still declare Trump is evil.

Even after Trump’s summit with Kim Jong-un Leftists make excuses about the man being unhinged or that the summit meant nothing.

President Trump has undone almost all the Obama Era evil, and Trump’s policies work. But for the Left that even more reason for vitriol against him, rather than support. How dare the ordinary Americans think they can choose a better president than they?!

After all, the Leftist intelligentsia chose Barack Obama, who in their summation is the best president ever. So what his results proved otherwise. They would tell you he just needed more time, or that Congress thwarted his efforts. Then they claim that President Trump is a mere recipient of all the good that Obama began.

Day by day, Trump dispels that thinking. More Americans now understand that Trump’s undoing of the Obama agenda saved America. The country is far better off under President Trump, than it could have ever been under Obama. Believe it or not even hardcore Leftists know this, though they dare not admit it.

So more tears are coming. November 2, 2018 will be “rinse and repeat” of the crying game.



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