I almost feel sorry for the butt-kicking coming to the Democrats

I’m a sympathetic person, usually. But I can’t find sympathy for the ass-kicking the Democrats brought on themselves.

In talking to a few people, I’m convinced more than ever that the Republicans will crush the Democrats in November of this year. Keep in mind I’ve been saying the Republicans will undoubtedly keep the House. But now I contend they may actually gain seats.

The Maven agrees with me:

The reason this seems to be an unnecessary fear is because the odds of Democrats taking over all of Congress (House and Senate) are long. Very long. While historical trends, special elections, and generic ballot polls point to a blue wave coming in November, the reality may not be so rosy for the Party of Pelosi.

While the House of Representatives could reasonably be predicted to fall into Democrat hands, it is distinctly possible, even probable at this point, that not only will Republicans hold the Senate, but they will actually gain seats there.

But the Republicans are in disarray right?

Obviously the Democrats are in great shape? That’s why Keith Ellison stepped down from the DNC to run for a state-wide MN seat?

Even back in February Progressives were concerned with the Democrats.

In a stunning rebuke of the establishment, the party refused to endorse Sen. Dianne Feinstein. She won only 37% support from convention delegates, far short of the 60% she needed. Progressive challenger and state Senate leader Kevin de Leon also fell short, but he outperformed Feinstein with 54% of the vote.

Feinstein is still the heavy favorite to win re-election in November. But the rejection of Feinstein, a political icon in California, is a potentially important data point in the civil war brewing within the Democratic Party between the base and establishment.

Have the Democrats not learned anything from watching the war within the Republican Party?

If Democrats are really keeping things real, they would admit that Russia has gone nowhere. Stormy Daniels is back to stripping, and soon many of the top Democrats in the party will be lawyered up, with a few headed for prison.

The Trump Effect

President Trump isn’t cooperating. Unfortunately for the Democrats, Trump leaves no room to debate his greatness. 

On the domestic front, you simply can’t do any better. Unemployment numbers are stellar. But more important is how Americans now feel about their job prospects. That emotional content is something Republicans haven’t been able to tap into, until now.

The president has an uncanny way of tapping into the emotional content of the country, actually disturbing the “force”. His recent pardons of Jack Johnson and Alice Johnson help to dispel the fallacy of Trump’s racism.

Consider all the lies of the Left that Trump methodically and consistently demolishes, and you get an idea of the futility of the Left.



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