Leftists Insult Jews: Deem Immigration Camps Concentration Camps

Leftists Insult Jews: Deem Immigration Camps Concentration Camps

“Some in the media seem to think that a noble cause justifies withholding facts on the other side.” Thomas Sowell.

As we approach the 18 month benchmark of America’s continued resurrection, despite facing horrible criticism, nonstop insults, leftist-driven fake news, and obstruction from both sides of the aisle of the political establishment, President Donald Trump has moved the country forward. We race away from the dark days of the failed Obama administration, a nice reprieve. Further, we uphold the laws of the land.

In what must be considered an overwhelmingly successful 500+ days under the POTUSDJT administration, the stock market has been consistently strong. The market no doubt bolstered by the lowest unemployment rate in 17 years.

Wages have increased, as companies now reinvest in their missions, as well as their employees.

Though Obama set the “new norm” for the GDP at 2.0, economist predicted 3.2, and the actual number was 4.7. New predictions have the average GDP for 2018 at over 4.0.

Housing starts increased, a by-product of tax reform. Millions of Americans enjoy more take-home pay, and consumer and business confidence are the highest in decades.

Deregulation of business, along with a pro-America trade policy will keep the economy humming well into 2020, and beyond.

President Trump has made the world safer, adopting a peace through strength posture in dealing with NoKo on denuclearization. Next, he pulled out of the Iran nuke accord.

ISIS has been decimated, and soon the world will suffer far less terror then during previous incompetent administrations.

There are a plethora of other achievements from this President, with the best yet to come over the next six and a half years.

We can expect things like welfare reform, infrastructure development, and immigration reform.

Ah Immigration! Immigration right now is on the front burner. DHS and ICE are adhering to the laws that have been on the books, but essentially ignored by the previous administrations. Yet, POTUSDJT and members of his administration are being called Nazis because they are enforcing the law. The centers where the illegals, like in illegals sneaking into the United States, are being compared to Auschwitz-Birkenau or Dachau, concentration camps where millions were exterminated by the Nazis.

Furthermore, as an American who is Jewish, I deeply offended with the constant referrals and comparisons of a sitting POTUS and Adolf Hitler. It’s absolutely pathetic and disgusting that the insensitive buffoons of the insidious MSM, especially that detestable and repugnant putz “Morning Joe,” ramble on with their cruel behavior and words.

I am the grandson of a legal immigrant who followed the immigration laws in order to be granted American citizenship. My grandfather Israel, escaped the Pogroms of Czarist Russia in 1905, when he was 15. He traveled to England and paid his way on a ship to the United States. My grandpa entered the country through Ellis Island.

When he was granted permission to enter the country on a permanent basis, he was able to secure work as a clothing maker in Manhattan. According to family lore, my grandpa worked five jobs in order to save money and send for his brother, who was still in Lithuania, then a part of Russia.

My uncle would later entered America through an immigration facility in Rhode Island and became a citizen the legal way.

Fast forward. The two brothers were successful in real estate until the 1929 Great Depression left them broke.

Afterwards, they pulled up their bootstraps and went back to NYC’s Garment Center as clothes makers. My grandpa and uncle did manage to buy back into real estate, but on a much smaller scale.

Both my grandpa and uncle only spoke Russian and Yiddish when they entered the country. They clearly understood that they had to assimilate, learn English and work hard to become successful American citizens. What they did was legal as opposed to people who sneak in and get entitlements without any kind of assimilation.

It has been reported that an overwhelming majority of the people under the care of DHS and HHS, did not know how to operate a toilet. Additionally, they did not know how to take care of themselves hygienically. They are getting three squares a day. They have a roof over their head and a warm bed to sleep in. Also, they have access to medical care and clothing. They have access to recreational activities.

Somehow that doesn’t sound like life in a concentration camp.

Understand that most Jews never left their concentration camps, at least not alive.

HHS reported that it costs $35,000 per year per illegal child to properly take care of them. The political establishment should be ashamed of themselves because they have forgotten the millions of American children who live beneath the poverty line and are hungry. As a longtime retired educator, who worked only in lower socioeconomic areas, I can vouch for the poverty and the hardships faced on a daily basis.

Moreover, as reported by Breitbart, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), said that Immigration and Customs Enforcement informed him that there are an overwhelming number of false asylum seekers at America’s southern border.

“We had ICE in our office last week, and they told us just on the asylum issue, just on asylum, 2,000 people a week showing up at the border,” Rep. Jordan said. “Think about that, that’s 100,000 people a year and they told us that 80 percent of those people wind up not being legitimate asylum seekers.”

Not one word from the Democrats.

Additionally, it’s reported that 75,000 families attempt to cross illegally and the adults could face prosecution.

From the nanosecond he announced his intention to make a run for the White House, POTUSDJT faced torrential attacks from snowflakes.

Self-absorbed elitists from Hollywood and the entertainment industry all bet against him.

The cultural supremacists, mainstream media, and others question Trump’s domestic and foreign policies, despite the acknowledged progress the country has made during the first 500 days. Despite the attacks, President Trump still stands, looking no worse for wear.

While Democrats whined about family separation, the president actually fixed it.

In the quick press conference that followed, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stated that he would not support any legislation that would fix the family separation issue because it would take too long. He added that the president should use an Executive Order.

Trump obliged, leaving his policy of zero tolerance intact.

On Wednesday morning, June 20, 2018 House Majority Speaker, Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) stated that the House will vote on a bill soon that will keep families together. The bill funds $7B to build housing for illegals, but will also satisfy DACA and other immigration issues. I doubt that the left side of the aisle will vote in the affirmative for the aforementioned political bias.

As Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham stated,

“The Left hasn’t been interested in real debate for decades. Selective use of images and phrases, emotional manipulation, demonization & distraction…declining ratings.”

Since the left apparently reveres Hitler, his Reich Minister of Enlightenment, Joseph Goebbels, handled Nazi propaganda in a similar manner. Coincidence?

Ingraham added,

“These Dems WANT the “family separation” crisis to continue…with Russia collusion narrative gone and economy strong, it’s all they have left versus POTUSDJT.”

Despite what the left claims about holding illegal children in detention, so far in 2018 the POTUSDJT administration has released 90% of children to individual sponsors: 41% were parents, 47% were close relatives, 11% were other-than-close relatives or non-relatives.

The Left won’t win on immigration.

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