It’s Not About the Children, It’s About the Mid-Terms

It’s Not About the Children, It’s About the Mid-Terms
Brian C Joondeph

Trump acts confident and assured, whether on Twitter or during his impromptu Fox and Friends interview on the White House lawn last week.

Why wouldn’t he be? The economy is humming along with record low unemployment, economic growth pushing 4 percent, and high consumer confidence. The North Korea summit was a success, having made more progress taming three generations of rocket men compared to the last dozen past presidents.

The mid-terms are months away and Trump is riding high. Congressional Republicans, if they hitch a ride on the Trump train, will likely keep their majorities. Only their foolishness standing in their way.

Democrats, the media, and NeverTrumpers, on the other hand are in a tizzy as they are tied to the train tracks with the Covfefe express bearing down on them.

Democrats feverishly run through their playbook with few options left.

Russian collusion has been a dud. So much so, that now with one of the ringleaders, James Clapper, urges Mueller to wrap things up.

Stormy Daniels was hardly a storm, more like mild breeze. She’s given up her stripper tour and now heads to Mexico to “save the children”. From what? Attack of the killer strippers.

Most recently, the left and their NeverTrumper compatriots are playing the “Trump is Hitler” card, with everyone from Joe Scarborough to Michael Hayden to Laura Bush equating Trump to Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan.

Suddenly Leftists actually care about “the children”, being separated from their illegal border crossing parents, due to the Trump administration appropriately enforcing 20 plus year old laws. Since when?

This ruse is about the mid-term elections.

Winning the midterms means that Mad Maxine Waters can try to impeach President Trump. And maybe even get him thrown out of office. Fat chance but that’s their plan. If “the children” serve as useful pawns in this battle, so be it.

On immigration, President Trump simply enforces existing law, the same laws enforced, to varying degrees by Presidents Bush and Obama. I don’t recall any outrage during their administrations. Of course, this suggest that this is not about the children, but instead about damaging Trump. If it was about children, there would be fury over other family separations.

Where is the angst about the 219,000 women incarcerated in US prisons, many of whom have been separated from their children? How many give birth while in prison, then separated from their child for who knows how long?

What about women in the military? Women make up 8 to 21 percent of the military, depending on service branch. Women deployed overseas are separated from their children. A hardship, yes but also voluntary. Just as in the case of immigrants. Last I checked, America does not force anyone to cross our borders, whether legally or illegally.

If you want to include fathers, far more men are in prison and in the armed forces, also separated from their children. Any concern about Paul Manafort being separated from his family.

Then there are abortions, 650,000 per year in the US according to the CDC. Children separated from their mother, forcibly, at least from the perspective of the child. Any outrage from the left or the media? No, only silence.

Speaking of the media, Morning Joe Scarborough, without a bit of irony, said this about Trump enforcing immigration law.

“It’s…not biblically based that your rip children from their parents.”

I wonder if he would ever offer such commentary to a guest on his show from Planned Parenthood or NARAL?

Lastly there are “the children” slaughtered in the killing fields of Chicago, Obama’s adopted home town.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “Since September 2011, at least 174 people under 17 have been killed in shootings and at least 1,665 people in that age group have been shot.”

Who’s crying for them? Laura Bush? Michael Hayden? Nancy Pelosi? David Hogg? Nary a peep from any of them.

The only children that are important today are the ones brought to this country illegally by parents who know what is in store for them once they cross the border. All the other children separated from their parents for other reasons are ignored since they don’t serve the greater purpose.

Which is to try to hurt President Trump and the Republicans. Different day, different tactic, but the same goal. And if you are anti-American and anti-success as the Left are, what choice do they have.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The economy is roaring, and Democrats are whimpering. The OIG report is pulling the plug on the swamp. An electoral slaughterhouse awaits Democrats in November if they can’t find a way to trip up Trump.

It’s the midterms stupid, to coin a phrase from the Clinton era. The children are simply props in the melodrama. Listen through that filter and all the current outrage makes perfect sense.

Brian C Joondeph, MD, MPS, a Denver based physician and writer. Follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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