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What Advice Could Obama Possibly Give Democrat Presidential Hopeful?

What Advice Could Obama Possibly Give Democrat Presidential Hopeful?

Only a fool would take advice from Obama on running for president, and certainly on being president.

The worst president in history and the Democrats biggest loser has nothing to offer any presidential contender. That didn’t stop the hapless rubes and retread Democrats from asking.

According to recent reports Obama secretly met with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Deval Patrick, and other presidential hopefuls pulling them in for one-on-one coaching sessions at his Washington office.

All the meetings were arranged quietly, without even some close advisers to the people involved being told of the conversations. All have been confirmed to POLITICO by multiple people who have been briefed on the secretive sit-downs.

 The meetings have been at Obama’s personal office on the third floor of the World Wildlife Fund building in D.C.’s West End neighborhood, and they show how a stream of ambitious, searching politicians are looking for guidance and support from the man who has remained the reluctant leader of the Democratic Party, eager to be involved.

 He’s not making any promises of support, though, and is not expected to endorse in the 2020 race until after a nominee has emerged.

Why the secret?

It’s the blind leading the blind.

Asking Obama for help is like asking a buggy manufacturer about the electronics in the new Teslas. Obama is so “last century”.

Though Obama may still maintain a haughty sense of self, he could never get elected again in America. Leftists wouldn’t dare admit it, but Donald Trump would beat Obama’s boney ass. Easily!

After all wasn’t that what the election was about in the first place?

Trump ran as the anti-Obama! And unlike Romney, Trump actually campaign against Obama.

Trump trashed Obama’s “deathcare” plan, the so-called healthcare plan that taxed Americans into oblivion, yet delivered nothing. ObamaCare is so bad, people committed suicide because they couldn’t afford it. And that’s no joke.

Under Obamacare people literally couldn’t afford to actually go to the hospital due to high co-pays and deductibles.

We documented the suicide a couple years ago:

Apparently, things got so desperate for this New York couple; they decided to end it all.

As the Daily Mail reported:

“A couple committed suicide by jumping off a New York City rooftop together in desperation over their inability to afford health care.

The incident happened early Friday morning in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan – just a block from the Empire State Building.

A 53-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman jumped from a 14-story commercial building on the corner of Madison Avenue and 33rd Street around 5:45am.

Their bodies were covered with white sheets once police arrived at the scene, shutting down the entire block to investigate.”

Yet, you won’t hear the fake news media discussing the horrific outcomes of Obamacare.

But healthcare wasn’t all Trump ran against. Take trade for example.

Trump campaigned on how bad the Trans Pacific Partnership was. And when elected Trump proved just how submissive Obama was in allowing the rape of America on trade.

Today Trump continues to show how only a moron would allow a trade deficit of over $500+ billion year after year. In all Obama presided over a $5 trillion trade deficit during his tenure, and he called it, “the new norm”.

Additionally, Trump tackled illegal immigration.

Again, Obama twiddled his thumbs while a hoard of illegals wreaked havoc on America’s economy and citizens. Trump promised to tackle this problem head on, and he’s on the verge of a breakthrough.

An offshoot of the illegals immigration issue is the terror issue disguised under the banner of “political asylum” or “refugee resettlement”. The Muslim hoard was neither. It was a planned invasion.

Obama allowed more Muslim terror attacks during his tenure than America had in its entire history. During the campaign, Trump called him out on this. And again, when elected Trump address the Muslim terror issue. Only Obama-appointed judges saved his legacy of terror, temporarily.

President Trump put the onus on foreign governments, like Saudi Arabia, and other Middle East countries to fight terror on their shores.

His warning: America will no longer fight terror in your countries, you will. If they don’t, Trump warned them to stop looking to do business with the United States.

Finally, though there is much more, Trump saved Obama’s fake economy.

During Trump’s campaign, Obama challenged “the man who’s name I’m not going to mention,” to keep Carrier in America. Trump responded, not only keeping Carrier, but also adding over 200,000 more manufacturing jobs in just his first year. In stark contrast, Obama lost 17,000 manufacturing jobs his last year.

Leftists pretend not to know these facts.

Next, they pretend to care about his opinion. That’s because none of them will publicly admit Obama is dead, politically.

And if he’s not completely dead, he has as the saying goes, “One foot on the grave and another on a banana peel”.

How many of these same people asking Obama for advice asked Obama to campaign for them? Do they remember the mid-term carnage of 2010? And the repeat in 2014? 1080 Democrat seats lost during the Era of Obama, and they are asking him for advice?

With those numbers, one can only believe they were looking at what NOT to do.

Obama rode a wave of popularity based on being the first “electable” black for the Democrats. And he promptly squandered it.

Imagine how invested in a loser you have to be to overlook losing, the House, the Senate, and the presidency in 2016. Then, watching as a truly Conservative SCOTUS is appointed, and likely 2 others during Trump’s tenure.

Simply put, if any of these Democratic presidential hopefuls wants even a tiny shot at winning, their first step would be to get as far away from Obama as possible.

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