New Poll Reports Democrats “more engaged” than Republicans

New Poll Reports Democrats “more engaged” than Republicans

Leftists and their polls. Hanging on to hope like a hair on a biscuit.

And here’s the latest ray of “hope” for Leftists who long for the good old days when the FBI could just cheat them into elections.

According to The Hill,

new poll conducted by George Washington University released Wednesday suggests Democratic voters are more engaged in multiple respects than Republican voters ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Forty-six percent of Democrats polled said they used social media to share an opinion, while 37 percent of Republicans said they did the same, according to an analysis of the poll published by The Washington Post.

Forty-two percent of Democrats said they had spoken to anyone about how to vote, while 33 percent of Republicans said they too had spoken with people on the subject, according to the Post.

The poll also found that Democratic voters were more active in campaign activities such as attending rallies, displaying campaign merchandise, and making donations.

Seriously? A single Trump rally contains more energized Republicans than a month of Leftist events.

Take the last Maxine Waters event where she invited Millennials to support “Auntie Maxine”. That event didn’t bring out more than a dozen Millennials, and that’s with the lure of fried chicken and waffles.

Even fewer were part of the Twitter strategy. But Democrats fare no better elsewhere.

Show me an event with Nancy Pelosi where she’s not getting shouted down by her own constituents. Remember when that very thing happened. TBS wrote:

In case you’re wondering how far Left the Left can go, check out this Town Hall meeting.

Pelosi explains that she’s always supported single-payer, aka government-run health care, and that’s not good enough for her constituents. California isn’t called the Land of Fruits and Nuts and Fairies for nothing!

As American Lookout writes,

The House Minority Leader found that out the hard way when her constituents attending a Saturday town hall meeting in San Francisco repeatedly shouted out and jeered as she said what they apparently thought were wobbly statements.

Several times, she clashed with her own constituents, who were largely sympathetic to her agenda.

Appearing with Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Pelosi was confronted by activists with Indivisible, a group that has been turning out left-wing citizens largely at Republican town hall meetings across the country.

When Pelosi told the group that she has supported a single-payer health scheme for 30 years, shouts and jeers erupted.

“Sorry?” a confused Pelosi said looking out into the crowd.

Don’t let the facts of what you see confuse the fake news narrative that Democrats are more enthused than Republicans.

Despite having nothing to celebrate, Democrats have all the advantages, as the article continues to suggest:

“But in two respects, the poll suggests some Democratic advantages that are less visible on the surface,” wrote John Sides, a co-director of the poll, in the Post. “Democratic voters remain more politically engaged than Republican voters on several dimensions — including their willingness to do the spadework of an election campaign. And Democratic incumbents in the House are perceived more positively than Republican incumbents. Whether that will add up to a veritable ‘wave’ remains to be seen.”

Well there is confirmation. Some obscure nondescript Democrat said so.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until mid-terms this year, so I can cast my vote. Let’s see if I’m right about where the real enthusiasm lies.


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