UFC Champ Calls NBA and NFL “B*tches” for not Visiting the White House

UFC Champ Calls NBA and NFL “B*tches” for not Visiting the White House

Colby Covington, UFC welterweight champ, could teach a thing or two to the NFL.

After he won his belt, he proclaimed that he wanted to put it on Donald Trump’s desk.

Dana White was asked at a subsequent press conference about Covington’s comment.

White had this to say.

Covington said he would gladly accept the offer.

But he went on to call out the NFL and the NBA.

Partial transcript:

Interviewer: You mentioned uh, yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to talk you about this…about winning the belt, and going to visit the White House.

Dana, I think you have heard the story, Dana said he talked to Trump about UFC champs going to the White House.

Are you going to take him up on that offer?

Covington: Of course I’m taking him up on that offer! I mean, What a disgrace, the the Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia Eagles are. They’re a complete joke, a bunch of losers.

How dare you not kneel for the national anthem, how dare you not accept President Trump’s offer to the Office.

There’s people…There’s are men and women losing their lives, sweating blood and tears, for your…so you can eat off silver spoons and have your little Bentleys.

Go try playing sports over in Puerto Rico, go try playing sports in Brazil. You wouldn’t get all this treatment you would get here.

These silver spoon athletes and they think they’re so tough. They act tough to Trump. Come act tough to me, I’m over at Coconut Creek FL at America’s Top Team.

Come see me you little pencil neck geek Kevin Durant, you pencil neck little bitch Steph Curry.

Interviewer: Are you excited about meeting President Trump?

Covington: I’m very excited man, I’m addicted to winning just like Trump. I’m here to make UFC great again, he’s making America and the whole world great again, so I’m very happy to meet Donald Trump.

I agree with Colby Covington, as the Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James are bitches. And so are the Philadelphia Eagles players who didn’t want to go to the White House.

I’m glad somebody has the balls to call out these self-indulgent pansies for what they are. And I would happily join Covington at America’s Top Team to prove it. Doubtful that any of those pencil-neck bitches care to take him up on his offer.

By the way, Covington did defeat Rafael Dos Anjos that Saturday. And I predict he will soon meet President Trump. I hope I’m there to celebrate that meeting with him.

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