Black Police Officer Challenged to a Street Boxing Match

Black Police Officer Challenged to a Street Boxing Match

Community policing has many flavors. And this encounter of a black police officer with area residents is a must see.

Apparently the police officer rolled up on an outdoor neighborhood boxing event. If it’s anything like areas where I lived, the people were out for a friendly free boxing match. The young man in the video looks like he was training, and he isn’t a bad journeyman boxer.

When police rolled up, I’m sure they saw it for what it is. But it never hurts to investigate.

Essentially, a challenge ensued, as the police appears to have been asked to glove up. He did, and the result was unexpected.

What’s most fun about this clip is how the community respected the officer after they finished.

Police violence against black men is rare, but the media promote this lie. This fake narrative puts many people in danger.

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As Written by the National Review:

According to this narrative, black men are constantly harassed by the police and routinely brutalized with impunity, even when they have done nothing wrong, and there is an “epidemic of police shootings of unarmed black men.” Even high-profile black celebrities often claim to be afraid of the police because the same thing might happen to them. Police brutality, or at least the possibility that one might become a victim of such violence, is supposed to be part of the experience of a typical black man in the U.S. Events such as the death of Brown in Ferguson are presented as proof that black men are never safe from the police.

This narrative is false. In reality, a randomly selected black man is overwhelmingly unlikely to be victim of police violence — and though white men experience such violence even less often, the disparity is consistent with the racial gap in violent crime, suggesting that the role of racial bias is small. The media’s acceptance of the false narrative poisons the relations between law enforcement and black communities throughout the country and results in violent protests that destroy property and sometimes even claim lives. Perhaps even more importantly, the narrative distracts from far more serious problems that black Americans face.

Let’s start with the question of fatal violence. Last year, according to the Washington Post’s tally, just 16 unarmed black men, out of a population of more than 20 million, were killed by the police. The year before, the number was 36. These figures are likely close to the number of black men struck by lightning in a given year, considering that happens to about 300 Americans annually and black men are 7 percent of the population. And they include cases where the shooting was justified, even if the person killed was unarmed.

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