President Trump’s Chaos Beginning to Make Sense

President Trump’s Chaos Beginning to Make Sense

The Left loves creating chaos. However, they can’t deal with Trump’s version of chaos.

As with all bullies, when their tactics are used against them, they cry like babies. As the NY Post reports, Trump’s version of chaos have the Left off kilter.

From its start, the Trump administration has been plagued by charges of “chaos.” From the revolving door of senior staffers — including two secretaries of state, three national security advisers and two chiefs of staff — to the president’s brash and sometimes boorish personal style, to his politically incorrect taunt-tweeting, Donald Trump has refused to conform to his political opponents’ conventional notions of what constitutes an effective White House operation.

And yet, the economy is humming, hosts of regulations have been rolled back, the unemployment rate is down, job openings are soaring, taxes have been cut and black joblessness is at an all-time low. Prototypes for the wall along the Mexican border are being tested, raids by ICE are rounding up dangerous illegal aliens and the “travel ban” against several Muslim nations was argued last month before the Supreme Court, where the president’s authority over immigration will be upheld.

In foreign affairs, the two Koreas are talking to each other, with a summit between Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un slated for June in Singapore, the ISIS “caliphate” has been effectively destroyed and just last week Trump yanked the carpets out from under the Iranian mullahs and canceled the nuclear deal negotiated — but never submitted to the Senate for ratification — by the Obama administration.

In short, this has been the most effective administration since FDR’s first term. And it’s being accomplished in the teeth of the so-called “resistance,” which includes the overt hostility of nearly all the mainstream media, the embedded civil service, the Democrats, the never-Trump Republicans, rogue elements of the intelligence and investigative agencies and Robert Mueller’s investigation into charges of “collusion” with the Russians.

The irony of the Left? How can any sane person possibly hate what’s happening?

To answer that question, one must consider how much the Left invested in their Messiah-turned-loser, Barack Obama.

When you are all-in for Obama, only to find out just how bad he performed, you certainly don’t want to admit this. Keep in mind these are the people who hated Trump, saying he was incompetent, and incapable of being an effective president.

The Left deemed Trump “unhinged”, in fact. They said he couldn’t be trusted with the nuclear button. Yes, the man who is on the verge of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

As the article suggested, some “chaos.”

The truth is, as much as they hate Trump’s policies, the president’s enemies hate the man even more. Donald Trump offends the establishment on a personal, visceral level. His opponents are the same folks who idolized Adlai Stevenson and thought Ike was just a dolt who somehow won World War II. Who worshipped John F. Kennedy (but were repelled by LBJ), hated Nixon, thought Reagan was an amiable dunce and erected shrines to Obama. They are the Ivy Leaguers, the credentialists, the Georgetown establishment for whom there is only one right way to conduct a presidency, and that is the Harvard-Democratic-groupthink way.

As Margaret Thatcher said, “Consensus is the abrogation of leadership”. What DC lacks is leadership.

For the Left, everything must be poll-tested for political expediency. But Trump puts no faith in such oddities.

What Trump understands, however, is what many great leaders have understood: that “chaos,” not consensus, is the way ideas are tried and tested. That if someone or something isn’t working, scrap it and try something else. Results are what count, not consistency: Trump’s ability to morph from saber-rattling lunatic to charming glad-hander infuriates them because they see it as phony.

Trump’s very unpredictability doesn’t just frighten the Beltway bonzes and chin-pullers, it also terrifies his opponents.

Trump has done what no president in the modern era has done, including Reagan. Trump exports Americanism and the idea of exceptionalism.

And don’t think for one second that the world hasn’t taken notice.

Examples? Many European countries have taken a much harder stance on Islam. Even more have implemented austerity, moving away from tax and spend socialist policies.

Trump has practically destroyed the New World Order, as he dismantled the fraudulent climate change agenda. He did the say with trade pacts, mostly one-way deals that crushed the American economy.

As for Trump’s approach and who has taken notice, the article mentions French President Emmanuel Macron.

So what? That doesn’t mean it isn’t also effective. Just ask Emmanuel Macron of France, who couldn’t be less like Trump and yet has developed a curious personal rapport with the brash American boss, akin to that of a puppy around its master. Watch for France to start edging away from the Iran deal as well.

Further, a fleet of yes-men and sycophants isolates and insulates a chief executive from unforeseen consequences. JFK’s best and brightest drove the nation into the sloughs of Vietnam. Nixon’s henchmen concealed from him the political gravity of Watergate until it was too late. Obama was so cocksure of his own moral rectitude, he hardly bothered with constitutional niceties.

Trump’s chaos has cleaned out Congress, with the most incumbents no re-upping in recent history. And this is only the first wave.

The article continues,

True, the fall elections are shaping up as a big test, but Trump has already eliminated some of the thorns in his side, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate gadflies Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, who have announced their retirements. Should the GOP hang on to the House, a Trump-friendly speaker will move the legislative agenda forward.

The truth is, Trump’s chaos isn’t chaotic at all. It’s the way DC was supposed to run, if run efficiently and effectively. For decades we have had neither.

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