Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz: The David Duke of Wall Street

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz: The David Duke of Wall Street

Howard Schultz might as well wear a Klansman robe, as he gives interviews describing the black condition in America.

Leftists like Schultz not only create the black condition, but they continue to enable it under the guise of racial equality.

Schultz wants quite the opposite. He and other Progressives have but one agenda: weaken the black race.

It’s for this reason, I called Schultz a racist, during an interview on Fox & Friends.

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Schultz famously closed all 8,000 Starbucks locations for a day, so that his company could go through racial atonement.

Because of two black guys treated badly, racist Schultz condemned his corporation, all the stakeholders and stockholders, and ultimately America.

People are mistreated every day by “partners”, as Starbucks calls its employees. People have bad days and sometimes make bad decisions, as it appears happened in the case of the two black gentlemen. But to impugn millions of people based on this incident is inciting racial distrust at a level that should be punishable by law.

Further, Schultz fed into the narrative that America has an agenda against blacks. If America has an agenda against blacks, it’s “Progressive” America that does.

Blacks thrive in America, and have for decades. But Schultz et al never allow the ills of the past to blow away with the wind. These race pimps try to make themselves look magnanimous at the expense of black people. Their efforts segregate black America, ultimately making us prisoners of ourselves.

And what of white people.

Schultz tries to separate himself from other whites, by pretending to care about blacks. And it has worked. Because you don’t have to look very far to understand that Schultz is the true racist.

Here’s what I wrote of Schultz when he decided to capitalize on the political upheaval caused by his racist Leftist counterparts:

Howard Schultz doesn’t look like a race pimp. Nevertheless he is undoubtedly a race pimp.

(White) guys like Schultz make great race pimps, as few people suspect them to be what they are.

Where black race pimps like Sharpton and the like are flamboyant in their tactics, Starbucks race pimp CEO Schultz is as smooth as 25-year old Scotch, when he pimps.

How else could you charge $5 for a cup of 20 cent coffee? Try that with oil. Or cigarettes.

Schultz knows how to play the game, that’s for sure.

Maybe Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz is stepping down as CEO of the coffee chain, because he will focus on his more humanitarian pursuit of helping black people. The man transfixes on social issues, particularly those related to black people.

Schultz is credited with transforming the company he joined more than 30 years ago. There is no doubt that Starbucks is a global brand. And more recently Schultz has used black people to help build his brand.

Personally I think they should call Starbucks something more fitting like “Suburbs,” because that’s where they put all the stores.

When Starbucks put 13 percent of its stores in black neighborhoods, perhaps I will take his stance on race more seriously.

Does he not wish to offer black people jobs as “Baristas”, no wait…partners?

Schultz should have to face the same wrath as QT in Ferguson when the natives get restless. Let’s see how Schultz feels when Starbucks are vandalized or burned to the ground.

Schultz made the token effort of putting a Starbucks in Ferguson, not even understanding that discerning minds would question why he hadn’t put his stores in black neighborhoods prior.

And what about home values?! A Starbucks in a neighborhood raises the value of homes in the area. I guess Starbucks only cares about white home values?

What Schultz has done is insulate his racist corporation from a real introspection by America. I suggest that if Kaepernick really wanted to fight racial oppression, he should take a knee at his nearest Starbucks. Luckily for that black millionaire, he won’t have to go far. He can just head to one of the stores of the David Duke of Wall Street.



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