The Speed of Trump: DC and Democrats have no answer

The Speed of Trump: DC and Democrats have no answer

Kim Jong-un visited Singapore ready to negotiate.

His country is squallor compared to its sister to the south. Kim wants what South Korea has for his own legacy.

Dennis Rodman cried on camera as he explained how his new friend wanted to become part of the world community.

When Obama said he would meet with dictators, the media supported him, but not so much for President Trump.

Moreover, our media continued to demonize Kim, even attempting to derail the talks. Nevertheless, Kim surprised them all, as he agreed to meet with President Trump in the spirit of cooperation. And at the first meeting, Kim committed to a non-nuclear North Korea.

One can’t believe that North Korea thinks Trump is kidding about verification. So validation won’t be like Clinton or Obama, where no verification occurred. For Trump, he follows Reagan’s “trust but verify” declaration, and Kim knows this.

In the meeting Kim wanted assurances that if he commits to denuclearization, his country would be safe. Apparently, President Trump made him feel comfort in that area.

Thus, as Politico wrote of the Singapore Summit, “things are moving faster than expected.” Even prior to the meeting, it was clear that only one day would be needed:

The White House said Monday that discussions between the U.S. and North Korea “have moved more quickly than expected,” while apparently removing the possibility — for now — that President Donald Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un could extend into a second day.

In a statement sent roughly 12 hours before Trump and Kim are expected to sit down, the White House said the two leaders will participate in a 45-minute one-on-one meeting, accompanied only by translators, to be followed by a 90-minute meeting with an expanded group of officials and then a “working lunch” with an even larger group. That broader delegation will include National Security Adviser John Bolton, who has chafed the North Koreans with his hawkish and deeply skeptical view of the negotiations.

The White House also said that at the conclusion of the meeting, Trump will take part in a media availability at 4 p.m. local time on Tuesday, before flying back to the United States. Previously, the White House had appeared to hold open the possibility that the meeting could stretch into a second day if the talks were going well.

Still, the statement expressed optimism about the historic sitdown, which follows days of talks between high-level officials on both sides about denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

“The discussions between the United States and North Korea are ongoing and have moved more quickly than expected,” the statement read.

With official business seemingly concluded for the day and Trump staying in at his hotel, the usually reclusive Kim ventured out Monday night to Singapore’s famous Marina Bay Sands resort, basking in applause and cheers as he made his way via motorcade and on foot around the city-state.

Earlier Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo offered his own preview of the summit, saying the United States is prepared to offer “different” and “unique” security assurances to North Korea in exchange for the complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement of its nuclear program.

We know the outcome. Trump was Trump, and soon peace will come to the Korean peninsula.

Even more profound are the long-range implications. 

Imagine a prosperous North Korea. Look at what has happened to South Korea in a couple of decades. They have gone from being the laughing stock of the electronics world to dominating it.

If Trump moves things along with the Koreans, this might be the quickest diplomatic ideological regime change in history. And not a shot was fired.

The Speed of Trump

Trump’s potential win with North Korea is a win for the world. And this win, when certain, undoubtedly bolsters his stance for 2020, and Republican prospects for the 2018 mid-terms.

Understand how badly the Democrats want, dare I say need failure in North Korea. They count on this for a victory in the mid-terms.

Luckily for America, the victory will come to Republicans that support Trump.

Look at what this man has done faster than any other president in history. Record unemployment for all, especially blacks, Latinos, and women. And the jobs coming back to America are the ones Obama said would NEVER come back.

The Left pretend that Trump inherited some great economy, when they know this to be a lie. $20 trillion in debt that for the most part has partially been contained. And when America begins recouping its losses in trade, expect at least $250 billion annually back into the economy.

Businesses are reinvesting, due to the $2 trillion annually they no longer spend on onerous legislation.

Once the president gets spending in check, we will see a decrease in the budget, and then a decrease in the deficit.

By the beginning of Trump’s third year in office, the economic “good” tsunami will hit. The trade imbalance lessened, and companies gearing up production meet the domestic and international orders.

New factories will go up, and the Fed can focus on improving infrastructure. All these accomplishments in two years.

And if you enjoy those two years, wait until you feel the impact of the six that follow.

President Trump will affect the most significant turnaround in American history. He will have undone the almost $10 trillion dollars of wasteful spending damage by Obama, and brought real prosperity to the country.

The Democrats’ biggest fear is a successful Trump. And that Boogeyman is real.



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