Trump Predicts a BIG SURPRISE for Democrats in Mid-Terms

Trump Predicts a BIG SURPRISE for Democrats in Mid-Terms

Finally somebody of note publicly stated that the Republicans will surprise the Democrats in the mid-terms.

I’ve said the Democrats won’t win the 2018 mid-terms since November 9, 2016. Trump ushered in a new day, and it’s not good for Democrats.

Now the president joins me in my declaration. As The Hill reported,

President Trump on Thursday expressed optimism about the Republican Party’s poll numbers as the GOP erases deficits in a number of generic ballot surveys.

“The Republican Party is starting to show very big numbers. People are starting to see what is being done. Results are speaking loudly. North Korea and our greatest ever economy are leading the way!” Trump tweeted.

In an interview broadcast Wednesday, Trump also expressed confidence to Fox News’s Bret Baier about the GOP’s chances.

“I really think that we’re going to do very good. Now, history is against me because history, for whatever reason, you win the election and then you lose lots of seats. I think we’re going to do really well,” Trump said.

“I think we’re going to surprise people,” he added.

Surprise? If the Democrats are “surprised” by the results coming on November 2, 2018, it’s only because they are delusional.

Democrats can expect to shed the renewed tears they cried on November 8, 2016. And surprise, “It’s the economy, Stupid!”

Rightfully, President Trump pointed to the economy, the Republican tax-cut bill and eliminated regulations as reasons for his optimism. The trillions of dollars unleashed back into the American economy continues to ripple through the populace. But Americans have much to be optimistic about.

The lessening of tensions with North Korea, and the continued destruction of ISIS, a name heard a lot less during the Trump administration, than that of Obama’s.

Because of these issues, several polls have shown Republicans closing the gap on generic ballots ahead of November’s midterm races. Worse yet for the Democrats, at least one poll reports the GOP narrowly ahead.

As Leftists learned in the last presidential election, polling isn’t always dependable when favoring Democrat/Progressive policies.

A Reuters poll near the end of May found that Republicans held a 6-point advantage over Democrats. That poll has since swung back in Democrats’ favor.

The CBS News/YouGov Battleground Tracker released earlier this month showed that Democrats would take 219 seats in the House if the 2018 midterm elections happened now, while Republicans would take 216.

The tracker has a margin of error of nine seats, however, making the race for control of the House a toss-up between the two parties.

I’d love to see Vegas odds on these polls.

Consider that in a recent survey, Public Policy Polling–a left-leaning firm–found Democrats still hold a 6-point lead on a generic ballot. Makes you wonder how far Left the respondents lean in order for Democrats to only be up 6 points?

Let me put that another way. If a heavily Democrat-leaning poll only has the Democrats up by 6 points, then it’s more likely the Republicans are actually ahead.

President Trump works on calculations. Thus, unlike Democrats, he rarely presents scenarios he hasn’t played through to the end in his own head. And the scenario where Democrats lose in 2018 is the safest bet in Vegas.

Nevertheless for the futile Democrats, they again will be shocked. And yes, tears will flow again, just like on the evening of November 8, 2016. But the reality of that loss will be even more devastating. Because the Deep State will have finally lost. President Trump will then be in complete charge of the government, and the remaining swamp rats will know that DC has finally gotten “change we can believe in”.


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