Trump the Destroyer: Of the Obama Legacy and Democrats

Trump the Destroyer: Of the Obama Legacy and Democrats

Holy Mother of Thor, has Donald Trump taken a hammer to the Obama legacy or what?

To think, a rich white Republican will broaden the Republican tent with women, Latinos, and blacks. Trump lays waste to Obama, so much so that in a recent Rasmussen poll, Obama can in dead last of post-WW II presidents.

Two years for both men, and you clearly see the differences.

Obama appointed two Supreme Court judges over 8 years, and Trump will have done the same thing is less than two. How awesome is that?

When you consider the positive destruction that Trump has implemented over the last two years, you figure God is having fun with the Democrats. Apparently God does have a sense of humor, and a wicked sense of wrath.

Surely the party that booed God certainly doesn’t have to wonder why God would eventually punish the wicked.

Remember when Obama was elected?

What a does of reality that was for Conservative America. Aside from Obama’s poisonous agenda, what many Conservatives feared most was the prospect of Obama appointing SCOTUS judges. Then it happened.

And his two Leftist judges haven’t disappointed their base. In one of the recent rulings, Sotomayor didn’t even use case law for her dissent, but emotion. Worse yet, emotional lies:

The Court’s decision today fails to safeguard that fundamental principle. It leaves undisturbed a policy first advertised openly and unequivocally as a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” because the policy now masquerades behind a façade of national-security concerns. But this repackaging does little to cleanse Presidential Proclamation No. 9645 of the appearance of discrimination that the President’s words have created. Based on the evidence in the record, a reasonable observer would conclude that the Proclamation was motivated by anti-Muslim animus.

Putting the same travel ban as Obama indeed was a matter of national security. Further, the majority of mostly Muslim countries weren’t impacted.

After two crazy Leftist appointment, Justice Antonin Scalia died. And what timing.

Just late enough to not have to call a Senate vote on Obama’s appointment. McConnell came through. Further, talk about God intervening.

Because Leftists thought Hillary Clinton would replace Scalia. The die cast on the Trump pending presidential election loss, the Left fought little over Obama not getting to make that final appointment. Why not start Hillary Clinton off with such a momentous task.

We all know how that worked out. But imagine if Obama had gotten that appointment. What would have been the outcome of the recent SCOTUS rulings. Think the public-service unions would have lost?

But SCOTUS judges notwithstanding, look at Trump’s first 500 days. Wow!

Less than two years, and Trump has removed America from the loser Paris Climate Accord deal. That move save American taxpayers billions of dollars.

Trump also has NATO paying its bills, and providing security for the world, without total reliance on America.

Trump campaigned on trade, promising to remove America from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as well as NAFTA. He lived up to his promises. Now he works on balancing America’s $800 billion trade deficit, as Leftists complain about how “bad” this would be.

While Obama chased businesses away with onerous legislation, Trump cut over $2 trillion in government bureaucracy. Then, against all odds, Trump passed a tax cut that has brought economic prosperity beyond the dreams of Leftists.

In less than 2 years, President Trump may have undone almost all the damage done by the worst president in history. And this is during his “warm up” act. Wait until Trump actually understands his job, and has the Democrats and fake news media out of his way.

Speaking of which, look at what Trump has done to the Deep State in less than two years, as he drains the swamp.

I wrote a piece recently, wondering how the Democrats must feel these days. In a word: distraught.

Democrats have better jobs, stronger stock portfolios, safer neighborhoods, consumer optimism, manufacturers optimism, yet they whine like babies.

And now Trump gets to appoint another SCOTUS justice. #Winning!

With the continued and likely prospects of appointing one more, maybe two. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. And he obviously voted for Trump.


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