REAL Story of Why Bill and Hillary Clinton Flew Commercial

REAL Story of Why Bill and Hillary Clinton Flew Commercial

Don’t believe these two Leftist extortion artists are broke.

Nevertheless, the pair are seen flying commercial. What a freaking fall from grace, regardless of the political positioning witnessed.

One can only imagine who got sanctioned for a kill to get both these Clintonistas on the same plane. I’m surprised Bill Clinton didn’t just fly on Orgy Island Epstein’s jet?

As The Daily Mail reported:

Bill and Hillary took a rare trip together over the weekend, with the pair heading down to Washington DC on Friday and then returning to New York on Sunday.

And in an even rarer move, the two flew commercial, which gave their fellow Delta passengers and travelers at Ronald Reagan International Airport a chance to snag a selfie with the former president and former secretary of state.

Videos of the two show Bill smiling and enthusiastically greeting fans, while Hillary stands off to the side surrounded by a wall of Secret Service agents.

The woman who shared that photo to Instagram was asked by one friend about meeting Hillary, and replied: ‘Unfortunately no one got a chance to talk to her since she stayed in the corner while Bill shook everyone’s hands and took countless selfies.’

Is this a publicity stunt? I guess to some degree.

But why not just make a sex tape? Scratch that.

The two were first spotted Friday night be two men who were able to get a photo with Bill at the DC airport.

On Twitter, one young woman revealed that her mother had met Bill outside an airport shop by sending a photo of him to her phone.

She then shared an exchange in which she asked her mother to get his autograph, which she was successfully able to do thanks to some quick thinking and an airport napkin.

The crowd on Sunday were a bit more excited it seemed, sharing multiple photos of the pair.

There were photos of Bill and Hillary going through security, the two sitting on the plane and quite a few of the former politicians just hanging out at the gate and waiting.

In those photos, Bill is seen out in the middle of the room mingling with people and posing for selfies while Hillary stays shrouded by her service detail.

Once on the plane, the pair did not really slum it though, landing the best seats on  the plane in the first row of first class.

That arrangement also meant that every single passenger was able to walk by the two while they sat on display.

I’m willing to bet you that most of the people around the Clintons are paid performers.

“Want a free trip and $500 for the day, come pretend to like the Clintons.”

With the understanding that Hillary Clinton supposedly will run again in 2020, perhaps this is an attempt to humanize Cruella de Clinton? As if that’s even possible.

What next? Hillary Clinton driving herself in a car…in SAUDI ARABIA?!

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