Democrats Leaving Party in Droves Despite Supposed Hatred of Trump

Democrats Leaving Party in Droves Despite Supposed Hatred of Trump

I keep looking at the fight film from November 8, 2016.

That’s what you do, when you’re a fighter. You look at old films of yourself, particularly in key victories. Like Sugar Ray Leonard for example. I’m sure from time to time he watches his classics against Tommy “Hit Man” Hearns. And like Sugar, I review the fight film from November 8, 2016. 

Check out the Young Turks, as they practically guarantee a Hillary Clinton win, until they don’t.

Yes, that was America’s fight, not Trump’s fight. Sure, we put Donald Trump in the ring. But make no mistake about it, Conservative America fought that fight.

We showcased our intellectual superiority over Leftists and some Rightist snobs. Meanwhile, those who doubted us have had to do a bit of soul-searching after their loss. And whether the Hollyweird and no confirmed unintelligentsia will admit it, they question themselves.

Check out Rachel Maddow’s now famous reaction that gets more coverage post-election than her show ever gets live.

How could the Right-wing freak idiot savants have been so right? I’ll get back to that.

The bigger question for the Leftist and some Rightist snobs is how they could believe in their false god of Obama and their broke ideology of Progressivism.

Obama offered the Leftist and some Rightist snobs everything. Yet he delivered disappointment on a Herculean scale. This fact caused many Progressives to consider the contrast of Obama versus Trump–style versus substance. Obama certainly looked and played the part of “president”. However, his performance left people asking for a refund, certainly after the Second Act.

Act One centered on Obamacare, something most of America didn’t want. The legislation was payback to one of the many people he owed for his ascendance. And there would be many more debts repaid, like the Green Energy hacks, academia, Muslims, and honestly far too many of the beholden to mention.

The outcome offered undoubtedly the most failed presidency in America’s history, given the potential for greatness. Obama promised to restore winning to Americans, a country used to winning. Instead he made us bigger losers than ever.

Regardless, Act Two came in 2012 when progressive America re-upped with their “Lord and Savior”. Their claim? Congress obstructed Obama from achieving greatness, thus he just needed more time.

Obama got that time, and the carnage among Democrats and Americans in general continued. Without retracing all the steps, suffice it to say, Obama is and will always be an embarrassment to America, and particularly Democrats. Not surprisingly, Democrats certainly can’t admit this…publicly. However, the #WalkAway movement and the election of Trump proves that case. But it gets far worse.

The #WalkAway movement highlights that undercurrent that Leftists fear most: Democrat defection. For now, they claim these defections as a protests against Democrats’ feckless policies and lack of achievement in critical progressive areas. Translated: #WalkAway isn’t about support for Trump. But I beg to differ.

Trump’s appeal to Democrats isn’t being built on “style”. Trump is the blue-collar billionaire whom you easily forget is a billionaire until you see his jet. Oh, and his trophy wife. But despite how the Left tries to portray Trump–the out of touch billionaire businessman playing politics–the voting base sees something totally different.

Remember when Leftists regaled that Trump lost over $1 billion early on as president? I remember thinking, “The Left just don’t get it. This is the reason people will support Trump in the long run.”. And they have.

The Trump Train added lots of new cars, and beefed up the engine in the caboose. Because many Democrats have “woke” to join the #WalkAway movement, even if not directly.

The list of converts is as follows from most difficult to least.

We’ve already discussed the #WalkAway Democrats.

They were undoubtedly the most difficult. Living in the echo-chamber of ignorance, where lives are ruled by talking points, and not action. Because Republicans post-Reagan never delivered tangible results, the Left had no basis of comparison. They do now.

And what a breath of fresh air Trump has been for these people. They have been taught to hate Conservatives and Republicans, and Trump epitomized the people to hate. But suddenly they find themselves questioning everything they have been taught.

It took some doing, but this group finally came to their conclusion on their own. There was not much Conservatives could have done to influence them, as they were taught the ways of Bizarro World, and were impervious to mere logic.

Believe it or not, this group will likely become the most ardent Trump supporters. Having witnessed how the Left attacks those they dislike, this group may never go back to the dark side.

Next in difficulty were the #NeverTrumpers.

These were people from both political parties whose DC-based ideologies would never allow success of an interloper. Trump upset the chain of command by coming in at the top. #NeverTrumpers had earned their stars and Trump negated their years of hard work, jostling for position.

However, many #NeverTrumpers have come around. Glenn Beck recently stated he supports Trump. Romney claims that he would have made almost identical moves as Trump, only with more “style”.

In a bit of irony, most #NeverTrumper prefer that we not bring up their loathing of Trump, as now they jump tepidly on the Trump Train. People like Dana Loesch, Guy Benson, Ben Shapiro move along now as if they were early-adopters of Trump.

If there is any group more willing to disembark from the train, it’s this one. Understand that many of this crowd (the clowns) secretly pray for the Great White Hope to take down Trump. They will support Trump in obvious issues to feign support. Nevertheless, they would joyfully leave Trump, and crow triumphantly should Trump fail, quickly shouting “I told you so!”.

Unfortunately for them, like atheist George Will of their ilk, God doesn’t show favor to them.

Then the anti-Trumpers

The anti-Trumpers are those who supported other Republican candidates, but reluctantly vowed to support [insert name here], the ultimate winner. This group comprised much of the Republican Party.

This group rightfully took a “wait and see” attitude towards Trump, as they felt the sting of the loss of their personal choices in candidates. That’s to be expected.

Some of these people became #NeverTrumpers, however most did not. They appreciated that the best gladiator won, and they supported their new champion. Though some just keep a toe of support in the water for Trump, this group is far more committed to Trump than #NeverTrumpers, who amount to little more than “What have you done for me lately” DC swamp rats. Anti-Trumpers for the most part now support Trump.

Independents channel their inner pragmatist

Independents rate just a hair easier to convert than anti-Trumpers. Being made up mostly of Left-leaning pragmatists, Independent awaited results. Independents pride themselves on “voting person, not party”. Thus, many of them voted for Donald Trump.

So where do Independents poll with Trump today? Overwhelmingly pro-Trump.

Which brings me to why Democrats are leaving their party in droves despite hating Trump.

Trump achieves positive results.

It’s really that simple. Where Obama talked, Trump acts. And when Trump acts, America wins. When Obama acted, America lost. In the end, the Left prayed that Obama would only talk, because that was when he was at his best.  With Trump, the naysayers may not like the talk, but they love the action.

Moreover, Trump doesn’t do what typical politicians do.

Trump states his case, even his course of action. And he’s willing to fight for his positions.

Look at immigration, for example. Trump began early on with his pragmatic approach to illegal immigration. And his take was exactly what Obama, Clinton, Schumer, and other Leftists claimed to want. But as soon as the Democrats thought they could use Trump’s position against him, they abandoned reason, and went on the attack.

Most politicians would have caved, but not Trump. He knew he had America on his side, and stayed the course. The Left called him xenophobic, even racist, and Trump maintained.

He didn’t just fight, as he fought to win. Even when the Left think they have beaten him, Trump wins in the end, as he did when Democrats tried to play the “It’s for the KIDS!” game.

Whether its climate change, trade policy, Muslim travel bans, illegals and separation of parents from children, Trump confounds the so-called political experts with his strategies. Surprisingly, what Trump does isn’t rocket science. He merely looks at what benefits America best, and wait for it…solves the problem for the long-run.

So expect Democrats to continue to leave their party. Thankfully the engine on the Trump Train has major capacity.





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