Insanity: Living Life Under the Rules of Leftism

Insanity: Living Life Under the Rules of Leftism

Ever thought about what America would look like if you applied the rules of the Left?

If you think schizophrenia is a bad disease, just consider what Leftists go through.

As a Leftist, you can assume any race, for example. Look at Elizabeth Warren who lied her way through life pretending to be an Indian. Wait, as a Leftists you would be forced to use the term “Native American”, despite being one yourself.

And speaking of Native Americans, or the former “Indians”, as a Leftist you must be outraged at sports teams naming themselves after them.

Another famous race fraud is Rachel Dolezal, a white woman pretending to be a black woman. How great being a black woman must be for Dolezal to give up her “white privilege” to join the ranks of her downtrodden sisters.

So what Dolezal got two of the best jobs for black women, she was only following in the footsteps of Elizabeth “Fauxchahontas” Warren.

There are far too many examples of “race pretenders” as many of the so-called black leaders are actually more white than black. Ben Jealous, former head of the NAACP comes to mind, as does fake brother Shawn King, the white-black activist.

But race isn’t the only contradiction of the Left. What of gender.

Look at all the boys-turned-girls who are dominating women’s sports. Yes, that’s one interesting can of worms. Soon, there won’t be any more women’s sports, but instead “trans-sports”.

Worse, these days, one can choose to be a woman without surgery.

You can just “feel” like Susan, even if your biology is male and you spent 30 years calling yourself “Howard”.

In California, Howard-turned-Susan gets new rights. You must refer to him as Susan or risk jail. And what of the pronouns America needs to learn under Leftism. Put another way, your grandparents will be in prison within a week.

Imagine the world run by Leftists, and you are stopped by a police officer.

He can’t ask if you’re a citizen, but only for your ID. He runs your license and sees that you have a warrant under the name Howard Johnson. But Howard declares, “I’m not that person, I’m SUSAN!”

“Sorry for the bother, Susan. You can be on your way.”

I would go right to Oprah Winfrey’s bank, tell them I’m Oprah, and withdraw all that chick’s money.

Leftists created a world where non-citizens are treated better than taxpaying citizens. We pay for their housing, healthcare, education, and food, to name just a few things. Meanwhile they march with the flags of their sh*thole countries, and demand more from us.

For Leftists, this is considered righteous indignation on the part of illegals. Moreover, we are the heartless ones, not they.

And as we have seen with the children of illegals, the Left don’t blame neglectful parents for bringing children thousands of miles then illegally entering America. Instead they blame us for not paving the road with enchiladas, and handing out margaritas.

This translates to how the Left treat the children of blacks.

American citizens provide for black children, not necessarily their fathers. That lack of care by black fathers is encouraged by Leftists. And if we dare complain, we are called racists and inhumane.

In the world of the Left, competence is not rewarded but trolled.

Allegations of Russian collusion in elections and sleeping with porn stars are made. So what the economy booms and the world rests safer than ever from nuclear devastation. Who cares that black people are employed and women are better off. In the world of the Left, Trump remains a racist and a misogynist, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

The double-standard of the Left maddens even the Dalai Lama.

Leftists are the bullies who pretend to fight bullying. They are the people who stress free community college education for the children of others, as they scheme to get their children into Ivy League schools.

Leftists scheme to get their children the best paying jobs, homes in the best neighborhoods, advantages in every way…for their children. And all they while they scheme, they decry scheming, and promise those who buy their acts that they fight for the “little man”.

It’s easy to join the Left in their schemes. All it takes is to relinquish your soul.

Holy Mother of Faust, make that deal with the Devil. You won’t find fulfillment, but the temporary rush is likely as good as a hit of heroin. Just understand that afterwards, you will live under the rules of Leftism.




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