It Sucks So Good to be a Democrat In the Era of Trump

It Sucks So Good to be a Democrat In the Era of Trump

Imagine being a Democrat right now.

The world as they know it must look like hell, as it burns before their very eyes. At this point in the Era of Trump, I suspect many Democrats have the suicide hotline on speed dial.

The reason the Democrats hate life is not because life is bad for them. In fact, life is great for them, they just don’t know how to adjust to the good news. That, and Democrats are built to complain; trained by the best.

Leftism never goes well, so they aren’t use to success, particularly in politics. For the Left, success is cooking the books, predetermining the outcome. The journey isn’t important, just a guarantee on the destination.

And when the guarantee fails, Democrats change the definition of success.

For example, look at how spectacularly Obama failed, yet the reaction of the Left. They LOVE their redefined success who is an obvious failure.

On the other hand, President Trump has the economy booming. People are working and in good paying jobs. Even the union has trouble complaining, when Trump brings back jobs they thought were gone forever.

Almost all economic sectors are up…way up, particularly over the economics during the time of Obama. And the prospects going forward look even better when you consider all that is yet to come. Thus, the Democrats are fit to be tied, angry in fact.

Remember their comments on NATO.

Democrats said Trump would destroy NATO, when he tweeted that NATO is a useless organization that relies on America to foot the bill and do the dirty work. Democrats quickly rallied around our deadbeat “partners”, saying Trump wanted to disband the group.

Fast forward a few weeks, and NATO started paying its bills. And you can bet that by the end of the Trump presidency in 2024, NATO will be a viable organization again.

And what of Trade.

Trump said he would not sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He preferred to go it alone, particularly given how America was continually hosed on trade in the Far East.

The Left’s response was to ridicule Trump for lumping China in the deal, when they weren’t part of TPP. A small technicality meant to deflect from the fact that China enjoys a $375 billion trade advantage over the U.S.

Trump didn’t fall for the attempt at ridicule. And at the G-7 Trump put the world on notice that America was no longer the gravy train of trade.

More recently, illegal immigration has been questioned. President Trump responded consistently and forcefully, trapping the Democrats into admitting their concern for Mexicans is feigned at best.

The Russian investigation will net at least 5 high-level Democrats, putting them in prison.

Finally, the prospect for world peace hasn’t been better. Trump has North Korea close to peace and denuclearization. And as I will write in the near future, Iran will be next.

It’s truly ARMAGEDDON for Democrats who have the face the reality of a successful Trump administration.

Democrats are leaving their party in droves, and Independents are getting WOKE. Republicans are at their strongest level of solidarity in decades, and only getting stronger.

What is the Democrats’ platform? What are they running on? Don’t feel bad if you don’t know, because Democrats certainly don’t. They aren’t even touting higher taxes any longer.

Laughingly, their #1 weapon is a beleaguered porn star who recently canceled her stripper show, so she could help the children separated from parents at the border. I’m sure the world will take Stormy Daniels serious in this latest political move.

The old new Democrat mantra has been spit-shined, and now again they work “for the kids…of illegals”.

I’m anxious to see how this revised version of their strategy plays with their base:

“We worked hard for the children of illegals!”

I don’t speak for the Democrat base, but I will tell you there are a lot of black parents who don’t give a crap about the children of illegals. The screeching of Maxine Waters and others may play well inside the DC beltway, but in Everywhereelse USA, the cry for illegals falls mostly on deaf ears.

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