Muslims Angry: NY Governor Accuses President Trump of Jihad

Muslims Angry: NY Governor Accuses President Trump of Jihad

The swamp is not limited to Washington DC. In fact, almost every major city forms a tributary that leads to the DC swamp.

In some cases, the state is the swamp, particularly when state politics are governed by the big cities. New York City showcases a great example of this.

Mayor DeBlasio exudes Leftism. A “progressive” to his rotten core. He has undone most of the great work of former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Now New York is a cesspool, with vagrants defecating and urinating in the streets with immunity.

Drugs, prostitution, and other things that would be called crimes in the real world are overlooked by NYPD. Because why do the paperwork, when some Leftist will just step in to undo it all.

Things get worse at the state level. In the case of NY, Governor Cuomo has royal DNA–the Cuomo family being one of the shot-callers for decades in the state. Perhaps this is why Cuomo feels untouchable. So what Donald Trump is president, huh? Just over a year and a half ago Trump was just one of Cuomo’s millions of serfs.

As The Hill reported:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) on Monday compared President Trump’s hard-line immigration policies to “a jihad.”

Cuomo, who is facing a challenge from the left in his campaign for reelection in November, drew the parallel during a visit to Puerto Rico.


“But what they’ve done at the border is an example, what they’ve done in Puerto Rico,” Cuomo continued. “And they are on a jihad to deport as many people as they can who they believe are not in the United States legally,” he added.

We all know what jihad means now. Despite the Arabic meaning of spiritual struggle, jihad means more these days and describes violence in the name of Islam.

In this case, Cuomo implies that President Trump commits violence, ergo jihad in the name of Trump.

Cuomo used to term in reference to President Trump ordering the deportations of undocumented immigrants. However, Cuomo’s comments riled Muslim activists in New York. 

The Muslim Democratic Club of New York (MDCNY) on Tuesday released a statement calling on Cuomo to apologize for his improper use of the term.

“Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda is rooted in white nationalism, racism, and xenophobia,” said Sadaf Mehdi, MDCNY board secretary, in the press release. “Governor Cuomo’s comparison of it to a ‘jihad’ only perpetuates the Islamophobic trope that acts of violence are somehow a Muslim invention.”

Frankly, I don’t care what the Muslims think. But I am happy to see them go after Cuomo, particularly given his latest move of releasing criminals in NY merely to thumb his rather large nose at President Trump.

Facing what some say will be a tough reelection race, Cuomo pulls out all the tricks. As Fox News reported:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo pardoned several illegal immigrants Monday in order to help them avoid deportation.

The New York Democrat, who is up for re-election this year, pardoned seven people who had minor criminal convictions, ranging from petty larceny to drug possession, his office said.

And with the pardons, Cuomo didn’t miss the opportunity to take a dig at the Trump administration and its “zero-tolerance” immigration policies that left thousands of minors separated from their families after illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

If I were a citizen of New York and committed any of these crimes, I would demand the same treatment. Because Cuomo certainly proves that Leftists are all about their parlor tricks, and not the citizens they claim to represent.

Cuomo said in a statement,

“At a time when President Trump and the Federal government are waging a war on our immigrant communities, New York stands firm in our belief that our diversity is our greatest strength.”

“While President Trump engages in policies that rip children out of the arms of their mothers and tries to ramp up the deportation of New Yorkers to advance his political agenda of hate and division, we will protect our immigrant communities,” Cuomo continued. “With the Statue of Liberty in our harbor, New York will always stand against the hate coming out of Washington and instead serve as a beacon of hope and opportunity for all.”

The Left are long overdue for the wrath of their citizens. How much more will New Yorkers take?



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