Rapper Mocks #MeToo Movement and Terry Crews

Rapper Mocks #MeToo Movement and Terry Crews

The #MeToo movement mimicks #BlackLivesMatter. Reason: Both movements are built on BS and full of frauds. They rely on a modicum of truth in order to sell the lies.

Do women face sexual harassment and are blacks killed by cops? Sure. But as described by these two bowel movements, their arguments don’t hold water.

The #MeToo movement is full of women who happily hopped the casting couch wearing no panties. As for BLM, these blacks know the stats as well as the issues that cause cops to shoot blacks, and yet they cry foul.

So when 50 Cent mocked Terry Crews, the actor who claimed “sexual assault” because some so-called powerful white gay producer grabbed Crews’ crotch–in front of Crews’ wife no less–I called #MeToo foul.

As reported by Business Insider, so did 50 Cent:

The rapper 50 Cent — who took a plea deal to avoid jail time in a domestic violence case — mocked Terry Crews on Instagram for being sexually assaulted.

The Instagram photo featured pictures of Crews with the phrase “I got raped, my wife just watched.” In the caption, 50 Cent — whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III — suggested he would have reacted violently if someone sexually assaulted him.

“LOL, what the f— is going on out here man?” 50 Cent wrote. “Terry: l froze in fear,????they would have had to take me to jail. ????get the strap.”

50 Cent was right to call out Crews, as I did at the time. Crews put his career over his character. That’s the definition of a sellout.

And he supposedly did this in front of his wife?

Assault is assault. So if Crews had been assaulted, he could have laid waste to the little Hollyweird punk, AND got set movie deals in the settlement.

Below is a screenshot of the exchange:

50 cent instagram terry crews
50 Cent’s Instagram post about Terry Crews.
50 Cent/Instagram

At the time when Crews decided to jump on the #MeToo bandwagon, he told TMZ that his size and strength had nothing to do with being sexually assaulted.

“I proved that size doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual assault,” he said.

Really? Tell that to the far too many women who are truly sexually assaulted by much bigger men (or women).

Crews was accosted by a much smaller gay white man, and I repeat what I wrote earlier: Crews sold out.

Crews did what too many people do in Hollyweird these days and that piggy-back on to the “cause du jour”. In this case, it is Leftism, and mostly Hollyweirdos who created the #MeToo movement. And women in Hollywood and their powerful friends allowed powerful people to take advantage of women (and yes, MEN TOO!) for decades.

But in the case of Crews, there was no abuse except the abuse of his ego. He punked out, and in front of his wife. Then he mistakenly punked out to the rest of the world.

Peck flexing or not, Terry Crews is a big pansy in the eyes of most black American men.

The article mentioned Crews’ testimony before Congress on this issue:

Crews testified about his sexual assault and the horrors of sexual violence in front of the Senate judiciary committee on Wednesday to support a work of legislation called The Survivor’s Bill of Rights. In October, he accused Adam Venit, an executive at the talent agency William Morris Endeavor, of sexually assaulting him, and said he lost job opportunities after speaking out.

“As I shared my story, I was told over and over that this was not abuse. That this was just a joke. That this was just horseplay,” Crews said at the Senate committee. “But I can say that one man’s horseplay is another man’s humiliation.”

Or, one man’s horseplay is another man’s ass-whooping.

50 Cent called it. And I agree with him.


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