The Meaning Behind Jake Tapper’s GRILLING of Keith Ellison

The Meaning Behind Jake Tapper’s GRILLING of Keith Ellison

Jake Tapper grilled Keith Ellison in a way I haven’t seen fake news CNN grill a Democrat in…FOREVER!

Watch as Tapper fricassees Ellison about his ties to Farrakhan.

Since when has CNN grilled a high-ranking Democrat like this? Who is this interviewer and WHERE’S JAKE TAPPER?!

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Talk about a “tell” that Keith Ellison is being thrown to the wolves! But what’s most interesting is CNN by default sides with President Trump.

Keep in mind this interview was done to discuss Trump’s so-called controversial travel ban on Muslims entering the U.S., a ruling upheld by the SCOTUS on a ban previously implemented by Obama.

CNN invited Ellison on the show to discuss his disagreement with the policy under Trump.

As The Hill reported on Ellison’s comments:

Today’s decision undermines the core value of religious tolerance on which America was founded. I am deeply disappointed that this ruling gives legitimacy to discrimination and Islamaphobia,” Ellison, who is one of the only two sitting Muslim members of Congress, said in a statement.

Ellison went on to compare the decision to the Korematsu decision in 1944 that allowed Japanese internment camps, as well as the Plessy v. Ferguson decision in 1896, upholding segregation laws in public facilities.

“Today’s ruling is unjust. Like the Korematsu decision that upheld Japanese internment camps or Plessy v. Ferguson that established ‘separate but equal,’ this decision will someday serve as a marker of shame,” Ellison said.

The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision to uphold Trump’s travel ban, saying the president has broad discretion to suspend the entry of aliens into the U.S.

Having been blocked by Keith Ellison on Twitter, I can’t link to his tweet.

But my staffers got me a screenshot.

As you can see, Ellison is now outraged at Trump for what he wholly ignored Obama for doing.

A bit of hyperbole by Ellison, given the number of Muslim countries for which the travel doesn’t apply.

Approximately 93 percent of Muslims have legal access to the United States, but as we know with the Left, facts don’t matter.

The Left want to make it appear that Trump (and America in general) hate Muslims. In fact, what we hate are Muslim terrorists. And there are far too many of them.

Social media comments on this interview:

The managing editor for the Free Beacon noted Ellison’s outrage.

Woof, this interview on CNN got uncomfortable fast when @jaketapper reminded @keithellison about his prior support for Nation of Islam. Ellison is angry.

White House Correspondent for The Daily Caller, Saagar Enjeti tweeted this, complete with a picture of Ellison and Farrakhan:

Keith Ellison just melted down on ‘s show when pressed about his relationship with Louis Farrakhan. He claims its false that they had any relationship. Here they are together a few years ago:

Remember when we learned of the photo of Obama palling around with Farrakhan, and the Left refused to put show the picture until after Obama administration ended?

Yes, the Left see Farrakhan as toxic, and they recognize that he is one of their own. Farrakhan is the “crazy” kid the family tries to keep in his room when company comes over.

Why the Loss of CNN Love?

I return to the question of why did Tapper decide to browbeat Ellison over what is arguably an unrelated issue?

Consider that Ellison is stepping down as the #2 at the DNC. He has put his hat in the ring to run as the Attorney General of Minnesota, a role where he could shape political districts. This is part of the Obama-Holder plan for gerrymandering the country to hopefully insure Democrat voting districts.

But if this plan is back by the two Head Negroes In Charge, why would Tapper attack? I’m guessing that for Democrats, all bets are off!

The party lies in such disarray, they have begun throwing the babies out with the bath water. And as in the movies, black people die first.

Maxine Waters hasn’t helped. Her calls for impeachment of Trump have hurt the “blue wave”. At this point, the Democrats couldn’t create a wave in a toilet with a flush.

Compounding the issues with Waters are her recent comments about harassing Republicans. This doesn’t bode well, particularly given the anniversary of the Scalise shooting.

This interview shows just how bad things are for the Democrats. When their own attack-dog media turns on them, you know things can’t be going well in Utopia.




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