Trade War Over: Trump ROCKS EU Who Offers Concession

Trade War Over: Trump ROCKS EU Who Offers Concession

Trump just ROCKED the EU, and he didn’t need no stinkin’ guitar. But he was indeed on stage, and he crushed it.

In case you missed it, the EU just blinked on tariffs and trade with the United States. Put another way, America kicked Europe’s socialist ass.

Not long ago, the EU dismissed President Trump’s proposal to get more liquid natural gas (LNG) to the EU. This would put a serious dent in Russia’s ability to control energy in the region, and America has plenty of LNG. Why would they do such a thing, unless they were being controlled by Putin.

Also, for the environmentalists and climate change freaks the mostly socialist EU claims to be, one would think they EU would have gladly replaced America’s LNG with Russia’s black energy oil. But they didn’t. Until now.

Along with a host of other concessions, President Trump got the EU to commit to buying lots of LNG. They have also made additional concessions in all other areas outside of automobiles, while promising to reduce regulatory standards that allowed U.S. manufacturers to enter the European markets.

So chalk one up for the winners, the American manufacturers and the American taxpayers.

Let see how the Left spins this.

Here’s how CNBC reported it:

President Donald Trump on Wednesday said the United States and the European Union had launched a “new phase” in their relationship, saying that the two major economies would start negotiations immediately on a number of areas including working toward “zero tariffs” on industrial goods and further cooperation on energy issues.

“We agreed today first of all to work together towards zero tariffs, zero nontariff barriers and zero subsides for the non-auto industrial goods,” Trump said Wednesday.

The announcement came during a meeting between Trump and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at a joint conference in the White House Rose Garden.

Now clearly President Trump wanted zero tariffs, not the EU. They know that worldwide, people want American products. Without tariffs, America might actually run a trade surplus. So undoubtedly this move towards trade concessions was born of President Trump’s threats to the EU.

CNBC went on to say that Trump secures concession to avoid a trade war.

Nonsense. What President Trump did was end the trade war.

In 2017, the United States had a $173 billion trade deficit with Europe. All indicators had that deficit growing in 2018, based on month over month growth of easily 20 percent. In one single presidency that all changes.

Imagine when the U.S. has $170+ billion flowing back into our economy. Then we get the $375 billion back from China. What if we recovered all $800 billion of our trade deficit, and put that money to work in America.

Keep in mind that this trade deal comes on the heels of President Trump saying he would subsidize farmers, should they take a hit in this trade deal. That’s an easy promise, when you know you have $800 billion with which to play.

Anybody think that the Made in America event at the White House didn’t impact the EU reaching out? And what of the $12 billion Trump pledged to farmers potentially hurting from his trade policies?

If the Left were smart (and they are not), they would allow Trump to be Trump. Their fear is that Trump might become, well…popular. And the Left can’t let a populist president actually become more popular. What would that do to the progressive movement, if it turns out that Trump’s approach to dealing with the world actually works?

Too late.

Trump again proved what a competent man at the helm accomplishes versus a piker like Obama.

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