Trump’s ‘Elevator Tape’ and the Mueller Investigation

Trump’s ‘Elevator Tape’ and the Mueller Investigation

Let’s see if this article makes you think like me. Like a WINNER! More on this in a bit. Apparently, there is a race on to find dirt on Donald Trump. I know; thanks for nothing!

The Hillary Clinton campaign and any Leftist with a pulse wanted dirt on Trump during the campaign. In fact, at one point many Republicans likely thought they had the dirt, when the Leftists begged for Trump to be the Republican presidential nominee.

Well he won, but the Left only had their old-school Alinsky tactics.

Trump is a misogynist, they claimed. Then they called him a racists. Then they claimed he was a sexual abuse philanderer. How many women did the count get to?

Sadly nothing stuck, but that didn’t stop the innuendo. One more shoe was due to drop.

As the Huffington Post wrote,

There it was, some 1,500 words into a story published in the Daily Beast: the infamous Donald Trump elevator tape. Well, not the tape itself, but the first reference in a mainstream publication to the possible existence of a “bombshell tape of Trump in an elevator in Trump Tower.”

For months, reporters at various media outlets around the country — The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press and others — had chased a videotape that may not even exist. They had talked to people in the know and people close to the know and people like Tom Arnold, the actor, who on certain days seems to be within the know.

Talk about hard-hitting reporters. Imagine if these clowns actually looked into Obama with a fraction of the fervor? The article continues,

And now here was someone speeding to the front of the pack in their peculiar little derby ― a reporter named Lachlan Cartwright, a veteran of the tabloid scene. His May 28 story for the Daily Beast was broadly about the “cozy relationship” between TMZ founder Harvey Levin and Trump, and it contained a number of important little revelations. That Trump and Levin talked regularly on the phone during the 2016 presidential campaign. That Levin would joke about becoming press secretary. That he had even “made it a mission for days to discredit” one of Trump’s many accusers, Jessica Leeds.

But for a certain contingent of journalists who’d spent months searching for something worth publishing, all that really mattered was the formal unveiling of the tape rumor to the general public.

“The elevator tape,” tweeted Christina Wilkie, a former HuffPost reporter who now covers the White House for “Every Trump reporter’s White Whale.”

Back to my idea. The reason this story interests me is the lack of evidence needed for the reporters. That notion reminded me of something similar: the Mueller investigation.

Like the “elevator tape”, Mueller has absolutely nothing. A contrived investigation, born of Democrat fraud.

Months of investigating have netted absolutely nothing related to Trump. Mueller’s indictments amount to a joke among even the most ardent supporters.

It seems that Democrats love their conspiracy theories when they look to crush Trump. And as the private sector, almost the entirety of the media has failed, so will the public sector fail.

As HuffPo suggests, the tape doesn’t exists. I don’t have to suggest it; because if that tape existed, it would be worth more than the Lindberg baby.

Something else doesn’t exist; that’s Trump-Russia collusion. Who knows how long both these witch hunts will continue. That’s based on how long the Left can demonize President Trump. If I had to guess, I give the Left another 3-4 months. Life support gets pulled after the November mid-terms.

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