Two Young SCOTUS Appointments and Counting by President Trump

Two Young SCOTUS Appointments and Counting by President Trump

The Left are fit to be tied about Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. And not just because President Trump is making another SCOTUS pick.

Trump’s replacement of Justice Scalia with Neil Gorsuch was a real winner. An old staunch Conservative with a young staunch Conservative. That’s like kissing your sister for Conservatives, as we just managed to maintain the ideological advantage. 

Trump now gets another shot, and Kennedy didn’t have to die.

As Yahoo reports,

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement Wednesday, giving President Donald Trump the chance to cement conservative control of the high court.

The 81-year-old Kennedy said in a statement he is stepping down after more than 30 years on the court. A Republican appointee, he has held the key vote on such high-profile issues as abortion, affirmative action, gay rights, guns, campaign finance and voting rights.

So Trump again will replace an older Conservative with a younger version. So Conservatives most likely will have two staunch Conservatives at SCOTUS for decades.

But what’s worse is what is yet to come.

Generally speaking people expect SC justices to serve for life, literally. So the retirement of Kennedy presents a bit of an anomaly.

My idol and friend Justice Clarence Thomas told me they would remove him in a gurney. He’s only 70 and in good health. So I doubt President Trump will replace him during his tenure. Frankly I hope Justice Thomas lives to be 100 and serves at full mental capacity for his entire life!

But things don’t look so good for the Leftist judges.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is hanging on with rubber bands and paper clips. She’s 85 years old, and falls asleep at State of the Union addresses, at least. Let’s face it, Ginsburg is well past her expiration date. I’m no oddsmaker, but I give Trump a 4-to-1 chance of replacing Ginsburg one way or the other.

And what of Breyer. He’s 79 years old now. Will he make it another almost 7 years? Possibly, but who knows.

Sotomayor, though younger than most of the SC justices isn’t in the best of health. So it’s entirely possible that President Trump could appoint 4 SCOTUS…or more!

Democrats are scared. If only Hillary Clinton had won!

CNN covered the potential replacement of Kennedy as a War on Women. Trump would go after Roe v Wade. In a word, status quo with the SCOTUS means Armageddon for women, and about everybody else.

So what happens when nothing changes. Trump hates abortion, however he considers the issue a state issue, not a federal one.

Frankly, if I were the Democrats I would be much more concerned with how many other rulings of the 9th Circuit will be overthrown by a heavily Conservative SCOTUS.

Look at what’s happened over the past week.

CNN reported on the Janus decision that crippled public-sector unions:

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that could cripple public-sector unions — and speed up organized labor’s increasing fade as a powerhouse in American politics.

The ruling said, simply, that public-sector unions can no longer require non-union workers to pay fees that allow unions to collectively bargain. The practical effects of that decision are that unions will lose considerable bargaining power and that union membership could well sink.

That’s a vicious cycle that union allies insisted was aimed at reducing the political power of unions, which for decades were one of the pillars of the Democratic Party’s success — particularly when it came to organizing efforts.

And there were other decisions that showcased that the adults now control the keys to the car.

The SCOTUS reversed a decision that required pro-life pregnancy centers to post abortion materials as a choice. That’s like forcing McDonald’s to show Burger King ads as you enter their stores. The SCOTUS saw through this nonsense, and free speech lives.

However, this decision shows how dangerously close America came to losing our 1st Amendment rights. Compelling an organization that is ideologically against abortion to advertise it? Sounds like forcing a cake maker to bake a cake for a gay “marriage”.

The election of Donald Trump converted many atheists. They knew God lives on November 8, 2016. And God continues to wield His powerful hand in Trump’s presidency.

As a believer, I can’t wait to see what God and Trump do next!

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