AT THEIR PEAK: Why the Left will NEVER Defeat America

AT THEIR PEAK: Why the Left will NEVER Defeat America

Communism, Socialism, Marxism, call it whatever you want, none of these philosophies will defeat pure unadulterated Americanism, as they have other countries.

The Left have tried to defeat America, ergo Capitalism for decades. 

Communist infiltrated our political system, then poisoned our education system. Communists told us their plan, and they implemented it. Yet, America stands.

No other country can say this, not even England, Canada, Scandinavia or any other mostly “white people” countries.

All of Europe has been impacted with Leftism of one sort of another. And to a large degree all have fallen. Some try to revert back. But even if they can, it will take decades. This is not the case with America. We have already mostly snapped back from the Era of Obama, undoubtedly the most anti-American period of our history.

Take for example, Islam.

Obama emboldened Islam in America. He used the world as his petri dish of experimental Islam. Yet, America now pushes back on radical Muslims and the world follows suit. Sure, Islam remains part of America and likely always will be. However, Islam will conform to America and not the other way around.

Islam notwithstanding, many argue how close we got in the destruction of America. I agree, as there remains little argument against that logic.

Remember in November of 2008 when Obama won? At that time, how many Americans believed that Obama’s election would end America?

Then again in 2012, when Obama won {ahem} a second term, and even the most strident Conservatives felt like he had been gut-punched by surprise.

Two SCOTUS judges later, and who knew how many more would come and it was easy to understand our fears. But what likely hurt the most in our loss was the fact that Obama had a track record. A dismal track record.

It would be easy to believe that America had finally reached the tipping point. Nevertheless, we survived Obama, only to face off with Hillary von Bleachbit.

Throughout the campaign, we were told that Hillary Clinton would be president. Even Democrat challengers were told this. And on the other side of the aisle–not to be confused with Republicans–stood Jeb Bush. Bush represented the chosen one for Republicans. His enormous war chest was to scare off anybody wishing to challenge the ordained Republican candidate. But it didn’t.

Trump would begin his ridicule campaign, and Jeb Bush melted like candle wax exposed to a Phoenix summer. Eventually all the other Republican candidates caved as well, and Trump got the nomination.

Although Democrats saw this as a win for them, Trump’s nomination actually proves my point. Leftism ultimately loses in America.

Contrast what happened on the Democrats side of the aisle.

Aside from the blatant favoritism of the DNC and the media towards Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders proved formidable. He had to be stopped.

Ultimately all Leftists, including Bernie Sanders himself obliged. With Sanders voluntarily under threat of millions in hush money out of the way, Cruella de Clinton hit center stage. But that didn’t turn out so great for the Democrats, as the entire world is aware. However, imagine a world with a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Besides the idea that women would be free to openly grab men by their balls with impunity, there would be more devastation. For example, there would be no Neil Gorsuch.

Clinton would have selected instead some metrosexual male hyena put in place to show her dominance over men.

Needless to say, the second SCOTUS judge Clinton would appoint for Justice Kennedy just as vile a Leftists as Clinton’s insane base. I’d bet Clinton would choose a black woman, likely Loretta Lynch. Payback would be motherf*cker, as they say. A motherf*cker for America!

Court stacked, Clinton would be free to do as she wished. So why not clean up her foreign policy mess by creating a bigger mess.

Kim Jong-un would up his anti-America rhetoric, and Hillary Clinton would do the typical “woman new to power” thing and “over respond”. We might not be in nuclear war, but I’d bet on North Korean clever verbal attacks on Clinton. Perhaps Kim would paraphrase what he said in 2012 of the South Korean president:

“South Korean President Lee Myung-bak is a rat who should be struck with a retaliatory bolt of lightning.”

China would feast on the carcasses of American companies, and Russia would probably invade Poland–after paying The New and Improved Clinton Foundation.

Under Hillary Clinton would the American economy be running at near optimum efficiency? Don’t bother to answer. About the only thing we could say about a Hillary Clinton presidency is we wouldn’t have paid $17 million and counting to keep investigating the Russia farce. Sadly however, Clinton would have spent the money on global climate change nonsense, as well as continuing America’s $800 billion trade deficit.

If anybody should be grateful for a Trump presidency, it’s Barack Obama. If Clinton were elected, you can bet that Obama wouldn’t be claiming credit for her economy.

The BIG Picture

What seemed like the inevitable, a second Clinton presidency didn’t happen. That presidency was all but guaranteed by the Left. Obama said it with his own mouth multiple times, and we now know why. Obama criminally interfered with the 2016 presidential election.

Despite all Obama’s interference, America wins in the end. We always figure it out. The birth of the Tea Party Community,  a group that changed politics forever foreshadowed Trump’s victory. What appeared to be hopeless, turned out to just delay what America needed and eventually got.

So yes, academia has been poisoned with communists. And Hollywood bombards us with Leftist nonsense. Big government progressives infiltrate every key area of society, and they used every weapon at their disposal to dismantle us. Yet, we beat the sh*t out of them at their most powerful.

Losing at their most powerful haunts Leftists day and night these days. It would anybody. They were the fighter who had never been beaten. But only because they hadn’t fought the right opponent. That happened in 2016.

So whatever nefarious plans of any Leftists groups will fail. America proves herself impervious to Leftism.

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