13-year-old Girl Fights Off Attacker That Followed Her Home

13-year-old Girl Fights Off Attacker That Followed Her Home

The ideal Leftist citizen. A Muslim man who followed a 13-year-old girl home with the intent of raping her.

Talk about a poster child for Leftism, as Mohammad Khaliqi decided to bring a bit of “rape culture” to America.

Feedly TV described the event as follows:

A man who followed a 13-year-old girl home from school and then tried to sexually assault her inside her own house has been arrested, police in California said.

Mohammad Khaliqi, 31, was collared Friday morning in the sinister San Jose attack Tuesday, which police say followed another similar attack in a grocery store’s restroom.

In that sexual assault, a 28-year-old woman said she was ambushed by the same man before he managed to escape.

The capture came after video showed him appearing to follow a girl home and then force his way inside after her.

Where are the feminists on this issue?

Highlights: There’s an incredible video in here, surveillance from inside the home. Scary for all parents!

The unfortunate outcome of the proliferation of Leftism is situations like this now occur much more frequently.

If Khaliqi were a white Lacrosse player, perhaps we would have heard more. However, because Leftists ignore rape culture of Muslims, a story like this doesn’t get a fraction of the press it might otherwise. Why is that?

Lucky for this young girl, she was accosted in the United States and not in the UK or other areas of Europe, where Muslim men seem to have free reign when it comes to sexual assault. Don’t believe me, just ask Tommy Robinson.

We documented many instances of rape in Germany over one New Year’s, where dozens of Germany women were sexually assaulted by Muslim men that day. And what of Sweden?

We wrote about the rape culture there.

These poor women have to change their entire world just because their government is not competent to deal with these growing attacks.

In addition to the new anti-rape underwear, Sweden now also hands out booklets to new immigrants and refugees asking them nicely not to rape the local women.

“The country is responding with the sex guidebook titled, Youmo In Practice, that’s supposed to teach young migrants about sex, health and gender so they understand that it’s inappropriate to rape people. It focuses on the subject of consent and that women are allowed to say no. Nyberg said it’s a difficult subject because migrants come from differing cultural backgrounds.”

Yes, pamphlets asking nicely ought to do the trick. Because the Islamic culture has such a good track record of obeying our western way of life.

Moreover, how is this considered “progressivism” or “feminism?”

When women have to have safe spaces, special underwear and are advised not to wear valuables while out and about in their own towns is alarming. This oppressive policy puts women back decades, not forward.  It strips them of their freedom preventing them from gaining more independence in their lives.

The left immediately makes this into a race issue. Let’s be clear, it has nothing to do with a race and everything to do with a culture that refuses to assimilate into a western way of living. These attacks only prove the point that their way of living is not one we should adapt too.

What an insane way to deal with a very real problem. Let’s hope other countries take appropriate action before it’s too late.

Thankfully, the 13-year-old girl wasn’t raped. Despite that, her life has changed. Sadly, she now knows the world Leftists present to her and will remain forever on guard.

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