Amazon Finally Turns on Leftists with New Invention

Amazon Finally Turns on Leftists with New Invention

For the few Leftists who actually believe in gainful employment, Amazon may have created their nemesis.

If you’ve ever worked around Leftists, then you have witnesses slacking at its best. These people constantly search for more clever ways to do nothing at work. Just as in life, they prefer that Conservatives do the actual work, as Leftists “vacation” on the job.

Because of Amazon, Leftists can hide no more, at least not at the job.

As Technocracy News reports:

Amazon has patented a pair of augmented reality goggles that could be used to keep a close eye on its employees.

A newly filed patent describes a ‘wearable computing device’ that would overlay turn-by-turn directions on the goggles’ screen, showing employees where to place certain objects in one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

That’s how it begins. It’s a “job enhancement”, that tracks your every move.

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Honestly, why not just put these goggles on a robot or other AI device and call it a day? Because what Leftist will want his or her day scrutinized to this degree?

The article continues,

However, the goggles laid out in the patent have raised the ire of privacy advocates who believe they could be used for far more nefarious purposes, such as tracking employees’ every move.

Amazon has previously come under fire for the working conditions at its fulfillment warehouses, with employees complaining that they’re sometimes unable to get a break during the day, even to go to the restroom.

A patent describes a ‘wearable computing device’ that would overlay turn-by-turn directions on the screen, showing employees where to place objects in Amazon’s fulfillment centers

Amazon defended the patent application, saying it has ‘nothing to do’ with surveilling employees.

‘Technology has empowered and enabled workplaces throughout human history,’ an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement.

‘Smart glasses and head-up displays are already helping people in lots of ways – providing doctors with information to perform surgery, drivers with information to help them drive safely, and athletes with information to achieve their goals.

‘We are always thinking of ways that innovation can further improve the employee experience – such as this conceptual idea for augmented reality glasses that would free up fulfillment center associates’ hands from carrying the hand-held scanners commonly used in warehouses around the world to locate items for customers.

Capitalists look for ways to get more productivity, including Leftists like Trump-hating Jeff Bezos.

But he may soon find himself siding with President Trump. Because the Left will cut him no slack when it comes to interfering with their nap-time on the job!

While these goggles tell you where to put things in inventory, the data analysis is astounding.

How fast did you place items, how precisely, and so on. But, what about when you’re done placing inventory? What did you do next? Play solitaire? Hit on some tattooed “I didn’t know she was a Lesbian” at the water cooler?

Certainly watchdogs are concerned. But the good news is technology may negate the need for an education.

The goggles would connect to a computing device that’s worn on the employee’s body, which powers the turn-by-turn data.

‘For example, if a location of a worker within a fulfillment center can be determined, location-specific information, such as, for example, turn-by-turn directions to a destination within the fulfillment center, can be rendered in the user interface,’ according to the patent, which is titled ‘Augmented reality user interface facilitating fulfillment.’

In addition to turn-by-turn directions, the glasses may also display specific instructions for workers, such as ‘remove orange box from shelving unit on the left’

‘A destination within the fulfillment center can include a particular floor, row, shelf, bin, or a particular item or product that is stocked within the fulfillment center,’ the patent continues.

In addition to turn-by-turn directions, the glasses may also display specific instructions for workers, such as ‘remove orange box from shelving unit on the left.’

It may also instruct workers to place a particular item in a specific location in the warehouse.

Never in the history of man has so much innovation come so quickly. And that’s not subject to change any time soon, as tech continues to innovate.

Sadly for Leftists, innovation comes at a cost to them. Soon they will have to figure out new ways to skirt their responsibilities.


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