BREAKING: Major Update in the Paul Manafort Trial

BREAKING: Major Update in Manafort Trial

Paul Manafort has been railroaded by a malicious prosecution.

In the real world, Manafort would just be another businessman. However, in the crooked world of Leftists, Manafort represented an opportunity for the Left to get Donald Trump.

If Trump weren’t president, Manafort would be long forgotten. There would be no discussion and certainly no investigation of Russian collusion. Hillary Clinton would be president, so all would be good in Leftist Utopia, aka hell on earth.

But Trump is president. So the Left need a reason to believe Trump didn’t get there on his own merit. Instead the Russians must have helped. But despite there being no connection to Russian interference in the 2016 election, Manafort faces 18 counts of fraud charges.

Have the Democrats overstretched? It appears they may have.

According to The Washington Post:

BREAKING: The jury in Paul Manafort’s fraud case indicated in a note Tuesday that it is struggling to reach a unanimous verdict on all 18 tax- and bank-fraud charges.

The six-woman, six-man jury in the trial of President Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort began its fourth day of deliberations on Tuesday.

U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III summoned jurors into the courtroom a little after 9:35 a.m. As occurs each morning, the clerk called out each juror’s number, and each responded they were “here” or “present.” The judge asked them to confirm that they had not done any independent research, then set them back to resume their work.

Manafort, who has worked on Republican presidential campaigns dating back to Gerald Ford, faces 18 bank fraud and tax charges. The trial in Alexandria, Va., began three weeks ago, and the jury began deliberating on Thursday.

I have no idea what this means. Is the jury hung? Will the judge force a verdict? Possibly yes on either of those.

But what if Manafort is declared innocent? What if indeed there is a hung trial, and Manafort for some reason goes free? How will that look to the general public.

Keep in mind that General Michael Flynn’s sentencing has been delayed, and many believe he will ultimately have charges dropped. What if another fish gets off the hook.

Without a trophy for the wall, Mueller will look pretty bad. And if the report he files on the Russian collusion investigation is anything near the truth, Mueller will have mud on his face soon.

President Trump has said as much, saying [pp] “Let’s see the report. There will be no collusion there, so let’s see what Mueller has to report!”


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