Democrats Prefer Bad Sex Over Dating Trump Supporters

Remember election night? When we made Democrats cry, as we toasted champagne and laughed at their butt-hurt faces?

I remember it well. And my favorite political video of all time is the montage of various Leftists guaranteeing America that Donald Trump would never be president.

And now we learn that Democrats prefer bad sex over Donald Trump supporters….. no worries, we wouldn’t have you anyway!

Democrats prefer bad sex
A montage mugshot of ugly Democrats who will eventually pretend they supported Trump. Moreso, many will claim one day to have never supported Obama, but “just wanted to give him a chance”.

Do you want to know what comes next?

All those smug bastards will eventually pretend they supported Trump. Moreso, many will claim one day to have never supported Obama, but “just wanted to give him a chance”.

Such will be the appeal of backing Trump. Because let’s face it; Trump is a political rock star.

For now, however, the Left must pretend not to like Trump. They act like some chick playing hard to get.

They know Trump is crazy sexy, but they can’t let the bad boy know they will do anything, repeat, anything for him.

Interestingly, Raw Story reports some Leftists would settle for bad sex rather than have their world rocked by a Trumpster:

MSNBC’s Ari Melber shared exclusive dating statistics that said people would rather have bad sex than date a supporter of President Donald Trump.

“Tonight we have exclusive new data,” Melber said. “OkCupid says it sees a 64 percent increase in a dating profile that mentions politics.”

The data revealed that people would not start conversations with those whose political views were different.

“Sixty-five percent of Democrats will not start conversations with their political opposites. And 52 percent of Republicans will not start conversations,” he said.

Also, some people would much rather have political similarities than “good sex.”

However, the dating site PlentyOfFish reported that 34 percent of people said they would rather have “bad sex for the rest of their life than date a Trump supporter.”

Sure they would. For about a day or so. Then these Leftists would be begging for some Trump “action”.

Joe Scarborough needs to find his inner penis
Joe Scarborough needs to find his inner penis. Click here to find out how he lost it in the first place.

Admittedly, I would have nothing to do with the hottest Leftist chick. I’m reminded of Shallow Hal who could look into the souls of women and see their nature. As for Leftist women, that nature is hideous.

Further, Conservative women are just so much hotter.

Press a Leftist woman, and she will admit that Conservative men are the sexiest beasts on Earth! Real men, man’s men, and I’m not talking in that “out of the closet” way.

Women like men who have earned their way, like gladiators. They don’t like sniveling, conniving metrosexual eunuchs, which describes most Leftist men. For instance, check out Scarborough of MSNBC.

As I’ve written before, Leftist men are the hyenas of humans. Women have them merely to procreate and treat those men like omega dogs. They eat last and speak only when spoken to.

Know that Conservative men aren’t waiting for Leftist hags to come around to liking us. But we understand that day will come when we get to reject the hairy underarm crowd. I hasten to suggest that day may actually already be here.

We will certainly find out in November mid-terms when the Republicans clean the clocks of the Left. If the primaries are any indication, Leftist chicks are beginning to dig the bad boy, Donald Trump.

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