Democrats See Trump Rallies for What They Are: A Real Threat

Democrats See Trump Rallies for What They Are: A Real Threat

President Trump made the rounds last week with multiple rallies. Standing room only rallies.

He began in FL, a state the Democrats thought Hillary Clinton was sure to win. She didn’t.

And what Trump is doing will insure that neither she nor any other potential Democrat candidate stands a chance in the state.

Thousands attended to see Trump in Florida. So essentially, nothing has changed in how Trump delivers his message. He goes directly to the people.

And make no mistake about it, the Democrats now take these rallies seriously.

Recall however, during the campaign, they suggested the rallies were just freak shows, train wrecks where “looky-lous” merely wanted to see the spectacle of Trump. Surely all the thousands waiting inside and perhaps the thousands more who couldn’t get in weren’t genuinely interested in Donald Trump?

I think history proves the Leftists were wrong, big time.

Here’s a good question. If Obama held a rally what would it look like?

Before I give you my answer, understand my motivation for the answer. You see, I believe Obama wants to hold rallies. But the former Narcissist-in-Charge turned just narcissist doesn’t dare try to compete with Trump. It’s not because Obama doesn’t want to, it’s because he can’t.

Trump has people camping out at rallies, like they’re getting free iPhones. People wait in line, no matter what the weather, too. Do you think thousands would brave rain or snow to see Obama?

Trump’s ability to still gather thousands represents a slap in the face of the Left, who said, “The rallies mean nothing!” I dare the Left to hold an event with the HOTTEST politician, without some brain-dead moronic entertainer. If they did, they couldn’t fill Hillary Clinton’s bathroom basement server closet.

For the naysayers who say Florida was a fluke, I point to Pennsylvania. PA is another state the Left thought Hillary Clinton would win. Trump won, and he held another huge rally there. Same results as Florida.

Next, Trump stumped in Ohio. Do I really need to tell you that pundits thought Clinton would win there too. Not the case. Where did Trump stump over the weekend? In Ohio.

At this rally, Trump challenged the elite, actually taking the word for the “deplorables”.

“The elite, let’s face it, they’ve been stone cold losers,” the president added. “Let’s call ourselves, from now on, the super elite.”

As Breitbart described the event:

President Trump is holding a campaign rally in the Buckeye State for GOP congressional Troy Balderson facing off against Democrat Danny O’Connor in Tuesday’s special election in Ohio’s 12th congressional district.

On Saturday morning, the president urged Ohioans to support Balderson at the polls on Tuesday. “Troy Balderson, running for Congress from Ohio, is in a big Election fight with a candidate who just got caught lying about his relationship with Nancy Pelosi, who is weak on Crime, Borders & your 2nd Amendment-and wants to raise your Taxes (by a lot). Vote for Troy on Tuesday!” he tweeted.

Three locations, three former battleground states. And you can bet the Republican candidates are not running from Trump when it comes to campaigning. Most beg for Trump’s support, an endorsement practically a guarantee to get through the primary a winner.

Republicans running hope to get Trump’s tweet, sanctioning their campaigns. Anything from Trump is a badge of honor. That wasn’t the case for Obama in 2010, and worse in 2014, when Democrat candidates treated Obama like he had contagious Ebola.

Trump has already declared for 2020, and the race is over. He campaigns now to shore up the House and Senate, and remind America that MAGA is in full effect, and America First is his only priority. Trump wants and will have a Republican House and Senate, again bucking the “system”, much to the chagrin of Democrats.

One thing you won’t hear from Democrats about rallies now or in 2020 leading up to the election is that rallies don’t matter. Rallies do matter, and Trump proves that HE is the rock star. No Springsteen, Jay-Z, or other needed. Just Trump.


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