WARNING TO DEMOCRATS: Every Candidate Trump Supported Won

WARNING TO DEMOCRATS: Every Candidate Trump Supported Won

I was informed by various Tweets of Twitter followers –  every candidate President Trump supported won.

What a night! A great prelude of more to come.

The biggest race I’m told was OH-12.

Interestingly, Republicans reportedly won by a razor thin margin.

This article may shed light on that:

In 2016, liberal activist groups Demos and the ACLU filed suit against the state of Ohio in an attempt to stop its efforts to remove inaccurate voter registrations from its rolls. Soros gave $1.25 million to Demos in 2016, on top of the more than $3 million he had given in previous years. Soros has been even more generous with the ACLU, giving over $35 million for Trump related lawsuits.

The Supreme Court ultimately ruled in favor of Ohio’s efforts in a 5-4 decision earlier this year. Even with voter ID and cleansed voter rolls, there are still problems with Ohio elections.

Consider, 170 registered voters are still listed as being over 116 years old on the rolls of Ohio’s 12th Congressional, when GAI accessed the data last August. That’s 10 percent of Balderson’s current margin of victory (pending provisional ballots); because out of 170 registered, 72 voters who live in Balderson’s district somehow cast ballots in the 2016 election being 116+ y.o.

Regardless of cheating by Democrats, the Republicans won the seat. You can bet this was based primarily on Trump’s endorsements. He is so popular among conservatives, even his old opponent, Ted Cruz, has asked for Trump’s support.

THE HILL – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) asked President Trump to campaign for him in his Senate race against Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas).

Cruz told The Houston Chronicle during a campaign stop in Seguin, Texas, on Monday that he had contacted Trump and that he would “welcome” the president’s support.

“I hope to see him in Texas,” Cruz told the Chronicle. “I think we are likely to see the president down in Texas before the election.”

The former White House hopeful admitted that his relationship with Trump has had its ups and downs, specifically during the 2016 Republican presidential primary. But Cruz told the Chronicle that he has been working closely with the administration. “We’re talking to the White House every week, sometimes every day,” Cruz said. “I’ve been proud to lead the effort to bring Republicans together.”

The race between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke has gotten closer in the last couple months; however, Cruz will most definitely win – although it doesn’t hurt to win with a greater margin.

While Cruz asking for Trump’s support is not good news for RHIOs, the fact that he’s asking is great news for those who want to see real, conservative Republicans in charge again.

Those in DC, whether Republican or Democrat, have to recognize that Republicans WANT President Trump on their campaigns, because the positive results have been seen.

There is scant discussion of the so-called “blue wave”. With the momentum of those supported by Trump winning mid-term victories in 2018, Trump would then thwart historical norms. As popular as Barack Obama felt in 2010, the Democrats got crushed (Obama used the word “shellacked”.) Things were not better in 2014 with more election carnage for the Democrats.

Without massive voter fraud, I predict the Democrats do not stand a chance in 2018 or 2020. I will even go further that in 2022, there will be more Republican decimation of Democrats.

Under Obama, there was demonstrated chaos and increased division, with Americans responding with their votes in 2016. And, that response continues to be reflected at the polls in 2018.


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