Islam BACKFIRES in UK Court as Woman Sues Husband

Islam BACKFIRES in UK Court as Woman Sues Husband

Check out this Sharia law backfire.

It’s reported as a landmark decision, but talk about a blow to Sharia and a win for Women’s Rights, even if by accident.

As The Daily Mail reported,

A British court has recognised sharia law for the first time in a landmark decision as a judge ruled that a wife can claim her husband’s assets in the split.

The decision came about after Nasreen Akhter wanted a divorce from her husband Mohammed Shabaz Khan. The couple were wed in an Islamic faith marriage in 1998.

Mr Khan wanted to block Mrs Akhter’s divorce on the basis that they are ‘not legally married’ under English law and says they are married ‘under Sharia law only’.

The High Court ruling on Wednesday said their union should be valid and recognised because their vows had similar expectations of a British marriage contract.

This means women married in an Islamic faith ceremony will have an easier time securing a divorce in the UK, paving the way for them to claim half their husband’s assets.

If Muslims consider this a win, they are sadly mistaken. This ruling may very well be the first encroachment of Western law on Sharia law.

Does anybody think this woman would have received half her husband’s property by a court trying this case in the Middle East?

Hopefully you recognized that was a trick question?

Because this case would have never made it to court in the Middle East, because the village would have stoned the woman to death for even considering divorcing her Sharia-compliant husband.

But let’s play along and say the case did make it to court in the Middle East. If that actually occurred, then the Sharia-compliant judge would have ruled for the woman’s husband. Then the village would have stoned the woman to death for even considering divorcing her husband.

For those keeping score, Western law 1, Sharia law 0, in terms of lives saved in this case.

Why aren’t the feminists celebrating this victory?

Now, they don’t just have Western men to kick in the nuts, as the men of Islam take one in the naughty bits in the name of Allah. 

It’s not like feminists have any victories over Islam. Sure, they protest in the streets of the civilized world, i.e. no Islamic country. But they don’t dare march bare-chested down the streets of Any Town, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, and so on. No, these women save their outrage for the supposed wage gap of $0.18 per hour in America, as opposed to the stoning or burning of their Muslim sisters abroad.

I’m not sure when the next victory will occur for Islamic women. But what I know with certainty is the revolution for these women won’t be led by a white feminist from the United States. Scratch that: that revolution won’t be led by ANY feminist from the United States.


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