Manafort Tried 8 Years Ago for Same Crime and Fed Cleared Him

Manafort Tried 8 Years Ago for Same Crime and Fed Cleared Him

Paul Manafort is a patsy.

I have no idea how he came to the Trump campaign, but I can only believe it was a setup.

Judge Napolitano dropped some serious doubt on this part of the Russian collusion witch hunt in his declaration that Manafort has already been exonerated from the charges filed by Mueller.

Now imagine when that comes out in testimony? But there’s more.


Partial transcript:

“Paul Manafort was investigated by the federal government by a team of federal prosecutors and FBI agents for all this stuff eight years ago and they exonerated him.”

“And who was the young prosecutor that led that exoneration? Rod Rosenstein.”

“Well, now he runs the Justice Department. And they have threatened to call Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein as their first witness and have him give to the jury all the reasons why he declined the prosecution of these charges eight years ago.”

Napolitano is well-researched when it comes to issues like this, so I’m inclined to believe him.

That said, I really can’t say for sure. But if it is true, what does this do to Mueller’s case?

And if they call Rosenstein, he will have some serious soul-searching to do.

I read a tweet earlier today, and essentially it conveyed that Mueller offered Mueller a deal, and he vehemently rejected it. According to the tweet, Mueller said, “Let’s go to court!”

Again, speculating, but why wouldn’t Mueller take a deal, if he’s guilty? Perhaps because he’s innocent? And I have felt for quite some time that somebody will begin asking for discovery, and that won’t be good for anybody on the Left. Imagine going down that rabbit hole, where you find more emails, text message, and other damning evidence against the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the FISA court, The Clinton Foundation, and even Barack Obama?

It seems that Republicans continue to push for full disclosure as the Democrats keep documents on lockdown, slow-walk the ones they present, and heavily redact anything that would convert their dreams to nightmares. I can only imagine the internal medicine doctors on OT treating the epidemic of ulcers in DC.

And Trump doesn’t help.

When he’s not tweeting the Left into exhaustion, he’s simply winning. There is no segment post-Obama where Trump hasn’t dazzled. The Left look for reasons to bitch, as I imagined with they got the latest GDP figures saying something like, “So what the GDP was 4.1 percent. Trump said he would bring 5 percent!”

Yes, the Left really are that ridiculous.


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