Media Crybabies Scared of Nothing

CNN Whiners

Check out these two media crybabies. Don Lemon and April Ryan trying to sell the narrative that they need security because of Donald Trump.

Has the press ever, repeat EVER been attacked at a Trump rally? Other than being called out for what they are, “fake news”, no attacks have occurred.

Source: Whiny Reporters by The Black Sphere

Note these two clowns didn’t bother to discuss the violence against Trump supporters, pre and post-election. Nor would they dare discuss Maxine Waters’ calls for violence against Trump staffers.

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Remember Steve Scalise? The Republican who got shot by a deranged Democrat. And what of the many Trump supporters who have been spat on, beaten, and brutalized in multitudes of ways.

A man was dragged out of his car and beaten on suspicion of being a Trump voter…


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