Ghost of Strzok Will Crush Democrats at Polls

Ghost of Strzok Will Crush Democrats at Polls

I know the Strzok hearing was a while back, but it’s still worth remembering. Democrats want us to forget the freak show that Peter Strzok represented, a great poster child for all things Democrat. A scoundrel of the highest order, Strzok surprised even the smuggest Leftist with his performance.

I watched the Strzok Hearings by the Oversight Committee with awe. It was amazing to see a group of politicians so divided on getting to the truth.

Wolf Blitzer said, [pp] “The very bipartisan committee meeting with Peter Strzok just ended and it was a contentious matter.”.

Bipartisan in trying to get to the truth? That hearing for Democrats was about anything but getting to the truth. Psst!

Does anybody think Democrats truly want to get to the truth in anything? The truth about Hillary Clinton? The truth about Barack Obama? Eric Holder? The Bill Clinton Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting? The Uranium One escapade?

In the hearing, Congress wasn’t interviewing a potential SCOTUS justice. But instead, an FBI agent who has been accused of disrespecting the organization, the country. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t know it by the Democrats. They had but one mission: protect Peter Strzok.

While the Republicans asked questions to get to the motive behind much of what could be considered treasonous texts of Strzok, the Democrats provided cover for the man. One Democrat even suggested that Strzok should receive a Purple Heart for the grilling he was taking at the time. Sadly, no surprise there, as Democrats readily dismiss the service of military personnel.

Then there were the Democrats who so desperately want to legitimize the Mueller investigation. I have written ad nauseum on the Democrats’ investment in that farce. Without Mueller, they have nothing, except the new latest “look over here” story. For now, that’s Trump removing the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan.

Before Brennan, what was it?

Oh yeah, the anniversary of Charlottesville, and the Nazis. Remember, Trump said there are good people on both sides of the issue. “Impeach him!”

And let’s not forget Omarosa’s new book! She even uses “unhinged” in her title, unhinged being reason #37 for people not to support Donald Trump.

What was the other book used as an excuse for the Left? Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury?

After the media found out that like Omarosa’s book Fire and Fury was equally as much a work of fiction, Wolff slithered back into oblivion. So shall Omarosa soon.

And where exactly is Stormy Daniels stripping these days? Worse than that, some Democrats see her attorney as a viable presidential candidate!

Should we play, “Where’s Waldo” on the prominent Democrats who have been marginalized by Trump?

Practically ALL fake news media anchors. From Rachel Maddow to [insert other obscure Leftist media hacks], few people believe the media.

Practically ALL late night “comedians”. From Jimmy Kimmel to [Buehler? Buehler?] nobody gives a crap about these comedic stooges.

Hollywood has zero clout with the public. And we prove it at the box office. Hollywood is relegated to superheroes to pay their bills, and don’t be surprised if they make a Trump superhero movie soon.

The NFL is deader than disco. Trump put the flag and the anthem up against black millionaire bullsh*t and won handily.

Democrat politicians have fallen by the wayside. Those who haven’t left Congress may wish they had. Adam Schiff has been kicked in the balls by Trump so often, he now wears a permanent cup. It doesn’t help. From Obama to the lowest of the low, disgraced former FBI Director James Comey, Trump has the swamp rats mostly hiding in their subterranean sh*tholes, peeking up occasionally to get a whiff of fresh air.

Trumps attack on the establishment using Brennan as the poster child is a sign that times are changing.

Trump is fully on the offensive, offending Democrats daily. But the president’s base is not offended in the least. They relish in the idea that Trump takes no prisoners.

And there is so much more to come, as the Democrats’ desperation grows moment to moment.

When the Democrats lose at the polls, they will likely see the face of Peter Strzok. That smug look he gave over and over for all the American public to see.

#TeamKJ – TBSKevinJackson

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