TEDx Should be CRUCIFIED for Allowing and Promoting This

TEDx Should be CRUCIFIED for Allowing and Promoting This

A TEDx speaker declared in her presentation, “Pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation.”

If you find that statement appalling, she continues commenting that pedophilia is as natural as being heterosexual, and no one can stop being a pedophile.

According to the presenter, it is our responsibility to overcome our negative feelings about pedophiles. Furthermore, she believes we should differentiate between child sexual abuse and pedophilia in order to not increase the suffering of pedophiles, by excluding, blaming and/or mocking them.

Holy mother of Ben Dover, in my opinion TEDx just went down in flames.


The woman introduces the audience to Jonah, with her explanation of his world of unrequited love. With convincing compassion, she tells of Jonah’s deep dark secret: A grown man who can never fulfill his sexual needs, as he is attracted to girls ages 6-12.

I find the age distinction interesting in her attempt to normalize pedophilia.

Jonah, the pedophile in the discussion, doesn’t like five and a half year olds; however, the moment a young girl turns six, his sexual drive kicks in. (As if he has some sort of internal biological clock?) Moreover, when a girl hits the age of 12, suddenly Jonah loses interest?

I suggest that these disturbed individuals have a lust for a ‘type’ and not necessarily an age. Regardless, in my opinion pedophilia is sick and should certainly not be classified the same as heterosexuality, i.e. the norm by which the majority of people live their sexual lives – the sexual orientation between consenting adults who are typically equals in maturity. To imply an adult lusting over a child as the same defies a basic sense.

Little boys and girls are attracted to others of their own age or within a few years, to play with and get to know with the same interests while maturing. As young men age, historically they became attracted to younger women then themselves (usually up to a ten year gap) because girls mentally matured faster. And, men sought them out for grounding themselves as they matured.

Young ladies conversely sought out more mature, slightly older men.

Remaining in a stunted emotional stage, getting stuck in some sexual time warp, remaining attracted to children is not mature, most often about power, control, insecurity or just an unhealthy, sadistic and often hurtful lust. Certainly fetishes can explain some of the smoking hot school teachers who want to educate young boys about sex. But one could argue that these women are fostering a deep insecurity, boredom or rejection by older men, and find the need to train some youngster because of shared emotional immaturity.

I am not a psychologist. Although following the proceeding logic, men who prefer young girls likely have been emasculated, emotionally stunted or rejected. It is a natural assumption that pedophiles find someone young because they can train, control, dominate, intimidate (enslave) a child who cannot fight back or reject them as an equal. As there should be a maturity with age and consent, the situation of pedophilia only has rape in common with the concept of heterosexuality.

For far too long, Leftists have dominated culture concepts. They’ve normalized far too many common-sense abnormalities, with little push-back from Conservatives. I suggest that time should come to an end, particularly when it comes to sexualizing children.




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