The Divisive Left and their vicious Acts of Political Assassinations.

The Divisive Left and their vicious Acts of Political Assassinations.

History shows the divisive left employs the same vicious acts of political assassinations as they have used in the past. In an ironic twist of fate, destiny or coincidence, on June 16, 1858, “The House Divided Speech” was given by Abraham Lincoln at what was during that time, the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois. The soon to be 16th president was accepting the Illinois Republican Party’s nomination as that state’s United States senator.

“The Divisive Left takes its vision seriously — more seriously than it takes the rights of other people. They want to be our shepherds. But that requires us to be sheep.” Thomas Sowell

The Lincoln Douglas debate
The Lincoln Douglas debates of 1858 were the birthplace of Lincolns “The House Divided” speech.

This speech essentially became the starting point for Lincoln’s unsuccessful campaign for the Senate seat held by Democrat Stephen A. Douglas, the campaign’s highlight being the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858.

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln left Springfield for the last time to move into the White House. President Lincoln was a man of peace, wanting to keep the Union together, facing the oncoming Civil War. The President returned to his home five years later to be buried.

The late Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr, who as we know, was a peaceful civil rights activist. He was a great man who preached change through non-violent ways. Mahatma Karamchand Gandhi also was a man of peace, who helped lead India to independence from the United Kingdom.

The Left radicalizes it’s base and encourages murder.

  • April 14, 1865, Washington, DC. Ford’s Theater, Assasin: John Wilkes Booth, one fatality.
  • January 30, 1948, New Delhi, India, Assasin: Nathuram Godse, one fatality.
  • April 4, 1968, Memphis, Tennessee, Lorraine Motel, Assasin: James Earl Ray, one fatality.
  • April 14, 2017, Washington, DC/Alexandria, Va, baseball field, Shooter: James Hodgkinson, multiple wounded.

There is an obvious common thread with each of the aforementioned events. Each was evil, vicious acts of political assassinations or attempted political assassinations. The perpetrator in each event was radicalized, influenced or indoctrinated by oppositional political rhetoric. The assassinations were vile, cowardly and criminally immoral.

James Hodgkinson kills in the name of demoracy
Leftist radical James Hodgkinson shoots Republicans playing baseball for a charity event.

In June 2017, the aforementioned James Hodgkinson, who was an extremist liberal, political terrorist, was an assassin that had been conducting ongoing reconnaissance in developing a kill zone. His targets? Hodgkinson had been making inquiries as to which political party was on a baseball field practicing for a charity ballgame. He carried a list of six identified Republicans who attended practice on that infamous day.

Federal law enforcement identified Hodgkinson as the shooter who shot Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA, 1st. District), a congressional staffer and members of the congressional police force, in Alexandria, Virginia. Hodgkinson died following a gun battle with police, authorities stated. Reports issued by the Capitol Police after the shooting indicated that the dead shooter was a POTUSDJT hater and a staunch Grandpa Bernie follower.

Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Additionally, law enforcement accessed his Facebook page, which had the following: “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.” he posted on his personal Facebook page on March 22, 2018.”Republicans are the Taliban of the USA,” he posted in February.

Since Donald John Trump announced his run for the Presidency and subsequently won, the attacks have come from all components of the extremist liberal left.

These groups include:

  • Snowflakes
  • The compensated alt-left who riot, destroy property, inhibit free speech and are disrespectful to law enforcement.
  • The hypocritical, megalomaniacal phonies from the entertainment industry.
  • The politicized, bootlicking dregs of the cosmopolitan biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media.
  • The phony malignant narcissists of the Democratic National People’s Socialist Party.
    • Encourage and employing hate speech
    • Drive biased group thinking with a false narrative. (fake news)
    • Fail to dissuade violence, using colorful metaphors, which includes members of the prior administration, who are encouraging “resistance” against POTUSDJT, his administration, his friends, and family.

The aforementioned groups have done nothing to help quell the hate. They continue to pour gasoline on the fires.

Even before Inauguration Day, 2017, the left promised a “resistance” to our POTUS, his policies, the members of the administration and even his family. While protests are inherent to what makes the United States special with the exercising of First Amendment rights, that peaceful defiance has not been adhered to by the hyper-extremists of the “liberal” left and the free speech resisters, who are adhering to the incendiary and vile words of Representative Auntie Maxine (D-CA). She stands on her soapbox going after Republicans and Conservatives through verbal attacks and encouraging the stalking of administration officials and their families, which could possibly end up violent.

Congresswoman calls for the assassination of Trump.

Additionally, the violent alt-left, socialist groups that protest through rioting, destroying private and public property, are attacking Conservatives’ First Amendment Rights. Moreover, Waters has threatened to “take out Trump.” She was criticized by some of her fellow Democrats, but the Secret Service should have conducted an investigation.

Furthermore, Auntie Maxine is famous for calling for POTUSDJT’s impeachment and considered the most corrupt member of Congress. The Congress should have censured her and gotten her psychiatric assistance with Obamacare while they were at it.

Obama simply will not go away, and instead fuels the fire of hatred.

Additionally, since the beginning of the country, there has not been one former POTUS who really desired to keep the spotlight on themselves during retirement. Yes, there were speeches and books post-tenure, but in some cases, those courses of action were out of monetary need. As a case in point, upon completing his tenure as Commander in Chief in 1953, President Harry S. Truman was living on his World War I officer’s pension, living in his mother-in-law’s house and still paying off a debt incurred when his haberdashery failed due to the Great Depression of 1929.

President Truman, as a man of integrity, would not declare bankruptcy and walk away from creditors. By the way, Presidents Lincoln and Truman was roundly criticized and attacked on a daily basis, similar to POTUSDJT.

However, Chief Executive retirement has dramatically changed as POTUSDJT was sworn in. His predecessor has absolutely refused to stop criticizing the current administration, as he sees his unprepossessing failures get corrected and his house of cards legacy collapse.

The former POTUS still thinks that his administration was “transparent” and scandal-free. As we are learning, almost hour by hour, the subservient MSM has chosen to ignore those “transparencies” and scandals. A scorecard is needed to track the plethora of scandals committed during Obama’s eight years.

The Russian Collusion Theory

However, the biggie is the Russian collusion investigation that will eventually have many more of Obama’s minions testifying before The Congress regarding their roles with attempting to steer the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election towards the treasonous, carpetbagging, scoundrel Hillary Clinton. The most interesting aspect of the actions taken by the heads of the Obama DOJ and FBI had to have started at the top of the pyramid, as indicated by the fired FBI Agent Peter Strozk in his text messages to Lisa Page. I do wonder how he had time to work and send out 50K+ text messages to Page?

Moreover, POTUSDJT’s lawyer, former NYC Mayor Rudolf Guiliani, has identified the member of the corrupt Obama administration who initiated the POTUSDJT/Russian collusion witchhunt. It was none other than Obama’s ineffective former CIA Director John Brennan, an avowed Communist, and avowed POTUSDJT hater, who closed his eyes to Russian interference and has been causing damage with his lies that Russian President Vladimir Putin had the goods on POTUSDJT. It only gets better and better. The late Robert Ludlum couldn’t have written this. Divisiveness defined.

Divide and Conquer remains the tactic of the day.

President Lincoln hit the nail on the head with the monumental speech he made regarding national division and hatred. He faced the Union’s biggest issue: The Civil War.

The Divisive Left and their vicious Acts of Political Assassination continues to this day.

While the Republicans were not big fans of Obama, there was never any violence, destruction, defiant resistance or physical threats. The resistance promulgated by auntie Maxine results in violence, threats, the stalking of current administration officials on personal time and the burning of Old Glory. Yes, as previously mentioned, she was criticized, but these actions are not dissuaded but had to be applauded by members of the previous administration. Obama, Clinton, Rice, Lynch, Clapper, Brennan, and Holder must be investigated and held culpable for possible criminal acts of sedition.

They are of the mind to finish the job of dividing the country along any lines that they had started while in office. They further desire to expand government overreach and practice their version of tyranny.

It is time for people to stop and listen to one another, or President Lincoln’s “House Divided” will come to fruition. The liberal leftists have presented Russian President Vladimir Putin many opportunities to laugh at their stupidity, while being his puppets, and increase his manipulated divisiveness.

The overwhelming hysteria and Trump Derangement Syndrome needs to be fixed…The socialist left has to tone down the rhetoric and let POTUSDJT continue to move the United States forward domestically and on the world stage.

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