BAD NEWS FOR DEMOCRATS: Trump 2020 Banner at Yankee Stadium

BAD NEWS FOR DEMOCRATS: Trump 2020 Banner at Yankee Stadium

The most famous New Yorker ever stole the show at Yankee Stadium a few weeks ago.

Some brave fan hung a Trump 2020 banner on the upper deck.

Here’s a closer view, and I wonder if you can spot the problem for the Left?

Video of the event showed the banner was met with quite a few cheers. And as one might imagine, there were jeers, as some onlookers flipped off the banner.

Regardless, Leftists know what this means. Do you?

If New Yorkers have the guts to display a Trump banner at a ballgame, then Trump fans are no longer in fear for their lives. So the intimidation tactics of the Left have failed.

The “union” of intolerant, racist, bigoted Leftist thugs has been broken.

Imagine the balls it took to take this banner into Yankee Stadium, then hang it from the rafters, as all of New York looked on? And what Leftists likely would have hoped to occur didn’t, as many people cheered the banner.

How many Leftists have jumped the Democrat ship to board the Trump Train? I suspect the mid-term elections of 2018 will let us know for sure. But if the special elections are any indication, the House is secure, and the Senate will get new Republicans.

I say to my radio listeners, check the real signs of things to come. Pollsters tried to convince us that a Blue Wave is coming. But that wave crashed with all the power of a falling snowflake. Democrats quickly backed away from the Blue Wave, then tried to rekindle it, when they found the truth didn’t poll well.

Next, we were warned about the special elections, of which Republicans retained ALL Republicans seats, including OH-12, a seat Democrats believed they had flipped. With all the money and cheating that happened in Ohio, the Republicans maintain that House seat, and the Democrats have yet another “moral victory”.

When the Republicans win the House in the 2018 mid-terms, the Democrats will have neither morals or the victory, as their house of cards falls. Mueller’s investigation is unofficially over, and the cries of Trump being a racist are considered as absurd as Avenatti for President in 2020.

Expect to see more Trump banners all over the country. Then expect to see more entertainers and Hollywood celebrities breaking ranks. They will soon have permission from blacks who now flock to Trump in droves, latest estimates being 29 percent.

The Democrats spoke of Armageddon, and it’s upon them.


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