Antifa Protestor Escapes Felony Charges After Attack

Antifa Protestor; #TeamKJ; #KevinJackson

Antifa Protestor Escapes Felony Charges After Attack.

What do you get when you combine anarchists, communists, socialists, and leftists? Antifa.

Before the election of Donald Trump, few people ever used the word ‘Antifa’. Now, it’s a household name, and according to the Department of Homeland Security, these confrontational protestors are domestic terrorists.

Yet, liberals believe Antifa is harmless. In fact, many Antifa protestors are thought to be prominent members of society. Take Eric Clanton, for example.

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As the Gateway Pundit tells us:

In April 2017 Ethics professor Eric Clanton attended a Free Speech rally dressed in all black and with a mask on his face. Clanton carried with him a chain with a bike lock to beat Trump supporters.

Conservatives Denied Justice

Such a gruesome act should carry serious consequences. But apparently, if you aim your ugliest side at conservatives, all is forgiven.

Like most Antifa attackers, Clanton hid in the crowd like a coward. He struck when no one was looking his way. And this guy was responsible for teaching ethics to young people.

In fact, Clanton attacked at least 7 people that day. One man, Sean Stiles, needed 5 staples in his head. Another victim escaped uninjured- thanks to his protective gear. Clanton knocked a chunk out of his victim’s helmet. Imagine the force it takes to break a helmet. Yet another victim was struck in the back and neck. All of these injuries carried the potential to cause death.

Had these attacks occurred at a Hillary Rally, one could bet the farm justice would be served up with a side of revenge. However, Clanton targeted Trump supporters, so a slap on the wrist is sufficient.

Charges Dropped

Originally, police rightfully charged Clanton with a slew of felonies. Nine, to be exact. And one misdemeanor to boot. See the image below illustrating the charges.

#KevinJackson; #TeamKJ; Antifa ProtestorYet, the District Attorney willingly dismissed all felony charges and offered 3 years probation for the lesser offense. Apparently, Clanton played his “get out of jail free” card. He served only 4 days for his violent outburst. Typically, attempted murder carries much steeper consequences. However, the district attorney, Nancy O’Malley, just happens to be a leftist. No surprise there.

Liberal Hypocrisy

Once again, liberal hypocrisy plagues the system. Leftists say one thing and do another. In fact, Hillary Clinton suggested the outbreaks of violence are actually “aimed at encouraging political unity.”

Tell that to the guy with staples in his head. But Clinton did more than say something idiotic. She actually funded one Antifa group.

As we reported back in January, Clinton gave $800,000 to a political group called “Onward Together.” Hillary’s flock funds Antifa and other resistance groups that go from one political rally to another igniting violence.

Miranda Dawson hit the nail on the head with her commentary.

I’d like to know how many Democratic events have been terrorized by the so-called “alt-Right?” How many Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders rallies were disrupted by conservatives by ANY name during the campaign? Exactly ZERO. With all these violent efforts to silence and hurt conservatives its quite clear who the real fascists are.

Unfortunately, little has changed since the election. At least when it comes to the attitudes of leftists. The sore-loser syndrome keeps growing, creating a deep division, and leaving us with Antifa on the left and MAGA on the right.

And allowing a horrendously violent Antifa protestor, like Eric Clanton, to escape the consequences of such dangerous behavior, only serves to further the division.


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