Bill Clinton DESERVES to look at Ariana Grande’s Butt

Bill Clinton is catching a lot of heat for what he did during Aretha Franklin’s Political Death Special.

More on that in just a bit.

As it turns out, Billy Boy was caught gawking at Ariana Grande’s well-toned Harvey Weinstein-sexual-abuse-quality ASS!

And who can blame him? After all, isn’t that what the #MeToo Movement wants Clinton to do; nothing the hot buttocks of one of their finest?

Why bother sexualizing children if you can’t appreciate them when they reach the age of consent?

Below is the video that has captured the attention of the world. As if Bill Clinton’s behavior stunned the Left?

Putting Arianda Grande’s toned ass in front of Bill Clinton was like putting cocaine in front of a crack head. What did the Left expect when they planned this party? More on Aretha’s party in a bit.

I tweeted this about Bill Clinton’s fixation.

I’m not mad at for watching ‘s ass. After all, look at the ass he was forced to look at for over 50 years!

You know…the one @realDonaldTrump kicked the crap out of!

I didn’t get an invitation to Aretha’s Political Death Party, nor did I watch it on TV. But I suspect that Bill Clinton watch all the asses, big and small, that bothered to gyrate in front of him.

Roll back the tape, and I’m sure you will see I’m right.

As for the spectacle of Aretha’s Political Death Party?

Al Sharpton?! Seriously.

He still smarting from getting his White House punch card revoked once Obama was done. Notwithstanding, Hillary Clinton has no use for the services of a race pimp, having lost to Trump in 2016.

Thus, when Democrats get the chance to “show out”, they do it with outlandish style. Why not turn a funeral into a political rally. After all, Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul was a Democrat.

So what her life was about her music, not her political affiliation. With Trump in the White House, the Democrats must not let any crisis go to waste.



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