Cory Booker and His New Fake Nemesis T-Bone

Cory Booker and His New Fake Nemesis T-Bone

Cory Booker is a democratic train wreck. But he’s the best the Democrats have.

Both Kamala Harris and Booker represent the Obama-lite version of the Democrats, which got the Democrats over 1,000 seats lost to Republicans.

Keep in mind that Obama lost over 1,000 seats before Donald Trump came on the scene. Now that Republicans have a true champion, the Democrats’ only strategy is desperation. And who can be more desperate than Cory Booker.

Look at his antics regarding the appointment of soon-to-be SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Booker looked like a menopausal woman or a pre-pubescent girl than he did a Senator. But Booker’s theatrics are not limited to senate confirmation hearings.

Remember T-Bone? certainly remembers.

When he was first elected mayor of Newark, the tale of T-Bone was a staple of Cory Booker’s speeches.

“I said hello to this guy and I’ll never forget he leaped off the steps where he was standing and looked at me and threatened my life,” Booker said during a 2007 speech at the New School in New York.

“I later got to know this guy and his name was T-Bone and I’m a vegetarian so that was a particularly vicious threat,” Booker said to big laughs.

Months later, The Star-Ledger tried to find T-Bone, to no avail. Those who knew Booker then said the character was a fabrication.

Like most Leftists, Booker fabricated his past. Remind you of any other light-skinned Negro with no Negro dialect?

Booker needed to be more black during his campaign. And what better way to find favor with Leftists than to showcase just how much more black you can be than your white opponent. So as the article suggested, Booker brought back T-Bone with a vengeance.

An article published Thursday in the conservative National Review rehashed the story, quoting respected Newark historian Clement Price, who said the mayor confessed to him that T-Bone was a tall tale. In an interview with The Star-Ledger Thursday, Price again said Booker’s story was made-up. “Cory realized that he had erred,” Price said of his 2008 conversation with the mayor. “He told me that my criticism of his invention of T-Bone made perfect sense to him and he had made a mistake.”

The Booker campaign declined to comment but spokesman Kevin Griffis cited previous comments Booker has made in which he insisted T-Bone was a real person but conceded he was used to illustrate a larger point.

“He is an archetype of so many people that are out there. He is 1,000 percent a real person,” Booker said in 2007.

Black people certainly didn’t buy the “archetype”, which is merely a euphemism for the LIE of T-Bone.

The article continues, showing that black people didn’t buy the lie.

Rahaman Muhammad, a city union leader who has been one of Booker’s strongest critics, was among those who originally questioned the veracity of T-Bone.

He said Thursday he was baffled Booker used the character in the first place, except that it may have appealed to donors.

Yet he gives Booker a pass.

“He actually has real experiences that he can share,” Muhammad said. “To me this does not disqualify him from being a U.S. Senator. These are urban stories that many of us have in this city. There may be different names, but there are many of these types of stories. Unfortunately he made up a character for his story.”

Booker has not used the T-Bone story since The Star-Ledger’s story in 2007, but the re-emergence of the incident indicates pitfalls for Booker as he fends off a fierce challenger in Lonegan, the former mayor of Bogota.

How pathetic. What do you think would have happened to a Republican who fabricated T-Bone?

And what of the Democrats’ god, Baby Black Jesus Barack Obama? His past is completely fabricated. They found one girlfriend, and prior to that we got an “archetype” girlfriend meant to represent the many non-existent girlfriends of Obama.

Booker is just another example of why Leftists need fake pasts. Their real pasts are too deadly to get elected to any office. And if anybody can back me up on this, it’s their constituents.

Booker crushed his constituents, as crime rates spiraled under his “leadership”. While Booker learned his lesson from the T-Bone lie, he now has a new strategy.




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