Democrats Introduce the Black Ocasio-Cortez

Democrats Introduce the Black Ocasio-Cortez

Democrats have unleashed a monster on themselves.

Their bench consists of hardcore Leftists now hell-bent on removing the entire establishment. In that regard, I don’t disagree with the newbies. The problem is the newbies are even more deranged than those whom they wish to replace.

Such is the case for the black Ocasio-Cortez.

Politico introduced America to Ayanna Pressley.

It wasn’t that her opponent in Massachusetts’ 7th District, 10-term Rep. Michael Capuano, had a voting record that was objectionable, or had neglected the district for a national profile—the standard complaints you hear in a primary challenge. Instead, it was a question of approach, of personal history translated to legislative priorities, of the value in filling Massachusetts’ only majority-minority district—currently served by a 66-year-old white man—with a 44-year-old black woman who has experienced the struggles of the inner city. Pressley talked, with a lyrical lilt, about growing up in Chicago with a single mother; her father’s incarceration; her survival of sexual assault. She said she’d draw renewed attention to the economic and social disparities within the district, the way income and life expectancy vary precinct by precinct.

“Voting the right way is one thing,” Pressley told the group. “But I want to lead, and I want to legislate our values.”

So while Capuano has represented his district as a stellar Democrat, that doesn’t matter to Pressley. Why allow some 66-year-old white man to destroy the district when a young black woman can do it faster!?

Pressley and Capuano: What a Pair

the black Ocasio-Cortez

Pressley believes the time has come for change. Because what could a 66-year-old white man understand about the “struggles of the inner city”? After all, the Democrats like Capuano (and Pressley) only created the struggles of the inner city.

Consider the irony of Capuano and Pressley. Two Democrats at odds over how fast to destroy cities, American culture, and the black conditions. And understand, this is all these two and their ilk have been trained to do.

Pressley says she wants to “lead”, and “legislate our values”. We’ve seen her type of leadership, and it’s called “community organizing”. As for legislating values, that’s what the Left does exquisitely.

Thus, they allow criminals to commit crimes almost with immunity. In California for example, theft up to $750 is a misdemeanor, if it’s prosecuted at all.

Knowingly give a person HIV, and that is now a misdemeanor. Because Governor Moonbeam doesn’t want people with HIV to feel ostracized. So what half the population carries a disease that can kill you, when someone’s feelings are involved.

Another thing Leftists wish to legislate is the use of the proper pronouns for gender. And if you happen to used the wrong gender pronoun, Leftists want you jailed.

Don’t believe in global climate farce, then again Leftists want to see you do time until you come around to the proper way of thinking.

The problem with Leftism is exactly what Pressley (and others like her) represent. They want to legislate in lunacy.

Further, their legislation requires you to think in a particular way. In their legislation, you lose your rights. So in effect, voting for Democrats is tantamount to voting yourself into servitude to the very government created to serve you. How’s that for an ironic twist?

I know little about Capuano. I know that he is a Democrat who apparently votes the party line. That makes him dangerous. But Pressley appears to be Left of him and very Ocasio-Cortezesque in her thinking. DNC Chairman Tom Perez called Ocasio-Cortez the “future of the Democratic Party”.

That may be good news for the Democrats, but it’s not good news for the republic.

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