Democrats Look for ANY Signs of Mid-Term Optimism

Democrats Look for ANY Signs of Mid-Term Optimism

If dead people and illegals don’t vote, the Democrats are doomed. It’s really that simple.

Their only hope otherwise is pure election-rigging, either by way of voting machines or the Russians.

Democrats know their bleak future. Thus they look for any sign of hope, regardless of how dismal.

According to AP:

Altogether, Democrats got a higher proportion than Republicans of the party’s usual presidential vote in eight out of 11 elections. They exceeded Republicans in 10 out 11 races when comparing the special election totals to the most recent House or Senate race involving the same electorate.

Special elections are not a perfect predictor of November, but if those enthusiasm gaps hold for dozens of more fundamentally competitive seats in November, Democrats would stand a strong chance of emerging with the House majority and be poised for statehouse gains, as well.

So AP believes the Democrats have an “enthusiasm gap”?

I guess they draw their conclusions from those huge Democrat rallies around the country? You know the rallies of which I speak, where Obama, Bill or Hillary, Bernie, and others go into battleground states touting their new policies to wild throngs of tens of thousands?

Things are so bad for the Democrats that most of Hollywood is silent. Hey De Niro, “IS THIS THING ON?”!

Yet AP continues, and even found a Republican willing to validate their nonsense:

The data tracks with high-profile special election outcomes ahead of the 2010 midterms when Republicans flipped control of the House and many state legislatures. This year, the trends are giving the GOP pause.

“Obviously, this is a tough environment for Republicans,” said Corry Bliss, executive director of the Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC devoted to defending House Republicans’ 23-seat majority. An obviously enthusiastic Democratic base, Bliss said, puts the burden on Republican incumbents and open-seat candidates “to give the voters a reason to vote for them.”

And Republicans wonder why we lose?

If Bliss is the defender of Republicans, then I suggest they hire a different warrior, perhaps a girl scout.

I suggest to AP that Bliss used them for fundraising, sounding the fake alarm bell in hopes of getting people to support his PAC.

Rightfully, the president mocked this “enthusiasm gap” and with good reason.

He noted that the GOP has a lopsided record in federal special elections. Indeed, Republican candidates won seven of the nine special House races. And while all seven were Republican seats to begin with, the fact that he held seats of people appointed to the administration shows his ability to maintain the status quo. If the Democrats had any chance to show their infamous “blue wave” was a possibility, they blew it.

Crooked former governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe predicts that Nancy Pelosi will get back the gavel after the mid-terms. {wait for audience to quit laughing}. Ironically, even if Democrats did win back the House (and they won’t), Pelosi will never get back the gavel. But rest assured America, the Democrats will not gain back the House.

And as I have said on my radio show and written on here many times, when the Democrats recognize their futility post-mid-terms, the dam will break.

President Trump continues to decimate the swamp rats, cleaning up DC. Democrats and other Obama-era bureaucrats have only one choice- to run for the hills. Many have begun to run, quietly. Those remaining have purchased flak jackets, and are trying to move outside the blast radius.

If the removal of former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance signals anything, it’s that Trump has a serious foothold in Washington. He’s got his sea legs, and the Left has lost lot of ground.

The coup failed. And now heads must roll.

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