Did Kavanaugh Accuser Send SAME Letter About Gorsuch

Let’s face it, the Democrats pick bad poster children.

Michael Brown, Jr is the face of the Black Lives Matter movement. And Hillary Clinton ,the wife of a rapist appears to be the mother of the modern-day Women’s Movement. Porn star Stormy Daniels heads up the #MeToo movement, while her porn attorney plans for a presidential run on the Democratic ticket.

And now they have a new poster child, this one part of the plot to bring down men. Professor Christine Blasey Ford finally came forward as “anonymous” to accuse Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault 36 years ago, when she was 15 and he 17.

Interestingly, you can’t provide details except to say the event happened at a party. Based on an interview by her attorney, there were 4 boys (including Kavanaugh), and two girls. For me, this constitutes more of a get-together than a party.

Her attorney said that it was investigators’ duty to get the particulars. While I can’t remember who was at the last party I attended three months ago, the #MeToo frauds expect a man to recall a party he supposedly attended 36 years ago, where he may have felt up a 15-year old horny girl.

Oh hell yes, she was horny. And don’t try to pull the sanctimonious feminist bullshit. If anything happened, it was likely the 15-year old girl wanting to impress the 17-year old, and not the other way around.

Ford has this and a host of other issues that don’t pass the smell test for this former horny teenager, however there may be more pertinent news.

According to this tweet, Ford may have sent the same letter about sexual abuse about Gorsuch?


As Josh Cornett suggests, the mystery is developing. But I wouldn’t be surprised.

Tactics of the Left can be painfully and shamefully obvious, as in this case. The “professor” is a hard-core Leftist, supporter of Hillary Clinton. That goes to say she’s anti-Trump.

She claimed that her conscience got the best of her, thus her coming forward. Many question her timing, and rightfully so. Mr Do the Right Thing took a lie-detector test back in August, and hired her attorney in the same month. I need no more evidence to see this as a typical Leftist witch hunt. In the past it might have worked, but no longer.

The Right has uncovered many connections that showcase this scam for what it is. The Democrats couldn’t get Kavanaugh on his merit, so they attack his character. As I mentioned, at another time a guy like Kavanaugh might have gotten scared off. But he’s not afraid at all. Kavanaugh knows that President Trump will walk through fire for him, as will the American people who support Trump.

We all know that the Democrats see this move as DefCon1, aka Armageddon. They throw caution to the wind, as they seek to destroy Kavanaugh’s character. It won’t work.

Kavanaugh will be the next SCOTUS justice. And it will be a wonderful day when he is finally confirmed. Remember the last time a justice was accused of sexual misconduct? How has the great Clarence Thomas ruled? Let’s all say it together: “Conservative ROCK STAR!”

I actually love seeing the desperation of the Left. I love seeing the depths to which they willingly sink, and it refreshes my spirit. Their tactics remind me that we bludgeoned their sorry asses in November of 2016 and we will do the same this year.

And after the confirmation, we will celebrate. We will then celebrate the fallout of President Trump releasing the classified info on the FISA warrant. Finally, we will celebrate in November when Republicans gain seats in the Senate and continue to control the House. Maybe then Leftist will understand who is large and in charge.

As for Ford, did she send a letter accusing Gorsuch? Likely. But it won’t matter, except to help President Trump in the long haul. Thanks, Ford.

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