Fired From Fox: Standing on Principle

I got a call from Fox News a few days ago, after I tweeted about the Kavanaugh hearings.

More on this interchange in a bit.

Fox is very concerned about negative publicity, though it’s hardly avoidable. Sadly, I had learned Fox does this months earlier when the same thing occurred based on comments I made on a show that I hosted.

The non-Fox media is out to get Fox and anybody associated with Fox who is a Conservative. We all have targets on our backs.

Where things began the other day revolved around my use of the word “skank” in describing some Leftist women. Also, in the tweet I think I quoted my grandmother who often said, “Close your legs and open a book!” when she spoke of promiscuous girls.

My comments were based on the idea of three interestingly-timed drunk party girls all accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of rape or being a participant in gang rapes.

I believe wholeheartedly that most of America, including Leftists, know that Brett Kavanaugh did none of what he is being accused. So to watch politics sink to this level has truly stunned me.

On the heels of watching Bill Cosby go to prison in his 80s for things he supposedly did over 4 decades ago is amazing. An icon, formerly admired by millions convicted with absolutely no evidence.

Now I’m not exonerating Cosby, and I will get back to Kavanaugh in a bit. But what I will say to those who give the excuse that victims don’t tell their stories for decades for a variety of reasons, they should perhaps work on that issue. Because that excuse carries a lifetime of potentially bad outcomes as Cosby and Kavanaugh can attest.

Look at the proliferation of sexual accusations made about men in power. Again, I’m not offering guilt or innocence, but the mere fact that the accusation these days has become proof of guilt is troublesome.

On my radio show, I likened what feminists and the #MeToo movement have done is to make men have to rise to a standard of proof that no person could attain. This is what happens under Sharia Law for example, where two women equal one man when it comes to justice.

Moreover, I find it interesting that a movement born of rich lecherous Leftists white men like Harvey Weinstein has suddenly morphed as it now targets decent men like Judge Kavanaugh.

Having 4 sons, I’m concerned for what the future holds for them. What have they innocently done that will come back to haunt them in their greatest hour of potential achievement?

As I watched the Kavanaugh hearing, Kavanaugh recounted his high school years. The man I thought was a bit of a square, I learned was actually outgoing and fun. A good athlete, at least for a college prep Catholic school. And certainly he was no academic slouch. Kavanaugh was what is known as a student-athlete. Having been one, I know how difficult that can be to achieve.

I remember how difficult it was for me to play sports well, then hit the books and lead my academic classes year after year. It certainly didn’t leave much time for girls. While I dated a few girls in the summer when I returned home, I mostly worked, trained, and even studied a bit for the following year.

The hearings dusted off the cobwebs of my high school days. Though my life was mundane in comparison to many of my friends, I managed schoolboy shenanigans. And like Kavanaugh participated in underage drinking, damn near a right of passage for most kids.

I never got “wasted” or mind-bending drunk. When I drank, I stopped at tipsy. Academics, athletics, work, or getting caught loomed large, the latter being what I feared¬† most about being stoned.

Despite my very conservative grandparents’ teachings, I even lucked myself into a consensual sexual encounter or two while in high school, a temptation Kavanaugh avoided, to his credit.

As I listened to Kavanaugh go back over 35 years, I could relate to him and sensed his frustration.

Why should a potential SCOTUS nominee be forced to return to high school to be evaluated? Worse yet, the accusations are pure fancy on the part of Ford, et al. They are baseless and undoubtedly a conspiracy against him because of his politics, not his past.

Kavanaugh was classy to give Ford the benefit of the doubt about her story as it pertained to somebody else. Rightfully, he passionately and sometimes tearfully denied the story being about him.

In contrast, I watched Ford almost flippantly tell her story. She bounced from clear memory to not so clear memory, as it seemed to suit her case. She offered no factual basis for her story, which was refuted, and seemed to actually enjoy the proceedings.

Appalled, I watched as Democrats coddled Ford, but browbeat Kavanaugh; having already exonerated her and convicted him. They called her “courageous”, while demanding at times that Kavanaugh ask to open an FBI investigation of an incident based solely on information that doesn’t possibly pass the smell test.

Kavanaugh showed empathy for Ford, where she show none for him.

Admittedly, I teared up as Kavanaugh told parts of his story, particularly when he revealed that his young daughter prayed for Ford. I said out loud to myself,

“Now THAT’S what a victim looks like.”

My youngest son hearing about this witch hunt commented, “I’d send a SWAT team to her house.”

While I was proud of his sarcasm, a bigger part of me re-evaluated myself as a father, and I’m not joking about that. What a beautiful thing for the Kavanaughs to teach their children and something to which we should all aspire.

As I saw Kavanaugh struggle to make his case without losing it, I reflected on a female friend of mine who had been brutally raped by two men. I remember how that event impacted her life.

I also recalled how I found out about it in a roundabout way, as a friend of mine who didn’t know her that well mentioned about the waitress at that bar who had been raped. He didn’t even know her name, but it was a bar we both frequented, and she was my actual friend.

The revelation of her assault shocked me to my core. It took months before she finally shared the story with me, and I’m not sure why. But what I won’t forgot is the look in her face as she sobbed, nor my inability to hold back my tears.

I saw that look in Kavanaugh’s eyes, not Ford’s.

A girl I would date later in life had been raped at Spring Break, and I saw that same look, as we innocently watched TV one day at her apartment.

A commercial for Spring Break scene came on, and she abruptly began crying. I learned of the very public incident of the sexual assault she suffered, as she confided in me. Next, she explained her rapist wasn’t convicted on a technicality. I imagined her reliving that moment each and every year for the rest of her life when Spring Break occurs.

In those moments, I hated the men who did that to my friend and girlfriend. I can’t imagine the mindset of a person who could do such a thing, and still can’t. But I realized the impact of such horrors through the teary eyes of my female companions, a look no woman should endure.

I wanted to obtain justice for these women. A product of my upbringing, I suppose.

As a child raised by my grandparents, I learned old-fashioned sensibilities. I was truly the most “square” guy in my circle. My grandparents used words like “courting”, and gave me curfews given to a 10-year old, when I was 16 and driving.¬†While I’m not comparing my life specifically to Kavanaugh, I see similarities. Student-athlete and goof ball, as his yearbook suggested, and perhaps both a bit square.

Then there was his life since high school and college. In a word, stellar.

I won’t rehash it, except to say I would put this guy’s life up against the Pope. Also, I dare any Leftist to compare Kavanaugh’s high school and college life to any hardcore Leftist of their choosing.

Yet Kavanaugh fell prey to a Democrat witch hunt. He was given standards that nobody could meet, including his questioners, and that’s the plan. Impossible standards set by those who couldn’t even come close to meeting them.

And Ford was complicit. As were the other two women, and the Democrats who put them up to this, and now they request an FBI investigation.

Well if there should be an FBI investigation, it should be on the coordinated effort of three women to destroy a good Conservative man. I’d love to see their phone records and emails, and I already know where the trail leads.

Forget the “conservative” part of Kavanaugh. Understand that Democrats wish to destroy this man. Further, they do so in the worst way, as they pre-judge him as guilty, and his accuser as completely believable. Democrats proudly say that Kavanaugh deserves no presumption of innocence.

Back to Fox.

Right after my tweet, which I honestly forgot I made, Leftists began their attack. I got the warnings when my IT guy texted, “Kevin, you are all over the place…and it’s not good”.

Most of the attacks were from a boiler room operation, where operatives pay to attack certain people. I was in the cross-hairs and remain so.

But there were real haters, like Fat Head Roland Martin. He sent me a tweet about my being fired, a true showcase of black solidarity.

The call from Fox came.

They asked me about the tweet, and I confirmed that I tweeted it, not a staffer. I was told that my tweet was “trending”, and it wasn’t good.

Next, I was then asked why I said that some Leftist women are skanks. I replied, “Some are.”

I explained that I don’t care what Ford did with her body or how many sexual partners she had. What I do care about is a good man having his life ruined over false allegations. I said that political witch hunts must stop because they have far-reaching implications, and Leftists know this. What the Democrats see as ideology to get Kavanaugh at all cost, puts all men at risk. Every husband and son is in danger, as has been discussed by many. To do so is what a skank would do.

I added that I’m not sitting by as the narrative of always believe women, no matter what gets sold as “business as usual”.

Fox said to me that what I said could hurt their brand, a warning Roger Ailes gave to me when he hired me: “Respect the brand, Kevin”, he said.

My Fox contact said to me, “Kevin don’t fight down. This is not a mountain to take.”

I commented to Fox, when it comes to protecting my sons’ futures, I will fight down to the lowest level, in the mud, and anywhere else.

Additionally, I said that I understood their position and removed the tweet.

I felt the matter was settled. However, shortly thereafter, I was fired by email.

But, I haven’t read a single story as to Fox’s rationale for firing me. Nevertheless, I heard they gave a lopsided view of the “breakup”. I believe the person contacted said that Fox found my tweet “reprehensible”.

Many of my followers are mad at Fox, but I’m not. It’s their company to do with what they wish. One of my followers told me that he was proud that I didn’t attack Fox and how they handled things.

I’m not sure who called my tweet reprehensible, but I take umbrage with that. I suggest Fox News choose its words more carefully given scandals surrounding people who remain in high positions that. Again, it’s not for me to say, but believe me, the Left has their opposition research.

As for brands, I have a brand as well. First, my name and second, The Black Sphere brand. Neither I nor my team abandon our principles because of Leftists attack. I have stood in the line of fire for Fox many times, and they chose not to for me.

In this case, my stance cost me my role as a contributor. Such is life.

I don’t know a Conservative woman on the planet who would accuse a man of rape under the circumstances reported by Ford. I don’t know a woman who claims to suffer the “trauma” she did, who would testify as she did. That is my very reasoned highly analytical assessment of Ford.

Fox knows I’m right, the Leftists who cheer my demise know it, and the rest of the country knows it.

So Leftists can rejoice in the departure of one small cog in the Fox wheel. Fortunately for me, I have multiple gears, and will figure out my next move soon.

I got up this morning and began my day like I have most days for 10 years…kicking Leftist ass.

I’m gone from Fox News as a contributor. But I am far from dead. And I dare any of the Leftist pansies to call me a “sellout”. I stood on principle, as I always have.

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